The institute of Urbanism in the faculty of architecture at the TU GRAZ provides the students knowledge about space, people and territory, in the Bachelor and Master studies. The institute is related closely to the practice, it contributes to the design, discourse and research on territorial issues. ... › 




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    Academic Job Announcement position as a University Assistant with doctoral degree for 6 years 40 hours ...› 


    Idea Competition: Logo and Acronym Urba Graz ...›  

  • URBA GRAZ - research laboratory

    The research laboratory Urba Graz, mobilize multidisciplinary knowledge around current territorial issues of Graz and its region. It is a think tank that combines research and design in order to create a more sustainable environment. The focus of Urba Graz lies on energy, public space and mobility. ... ›                                                      







    The Institute focus on the learning of territorial observation skills, the development of reflective thinking and creative spatial skills. ... ›






    The institute of Urbanism is – especially in the fields of research – collaborating intensively with a variety of faculties of Austrian and foreign Universities, institutions of public administration and representatives of private enterprise. ... ›