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Our institute covers the areas Probability Theory, Statistics, Data Science, as well as Mathematical Finance and Insurance Mathematics at TU Graz. We are involved in the bachelor and masters program in Mathematics, and provide service courses in Statistics, Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes, for the Faculty of Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering, the Faculty of Civil Engineering, and the Faculty of Electrical and Information Engineering.


Current research projects in basic research concern innovative methods for the reconstruction of noisy functional data, asymptotic theory in non-parametric statistical models, theoretical and practical aspects of risk models, robustness of  risk measures, control problems in mathematical finance and insurance as well as for spatial statistics and machine learning. In applied and interdisciplinary research we have been working on a broad range of problems. Some examples are: estimation of  epidemiologic parameters during the Covid-19 pandemic, lockdown effects on the pollution levels in Graz, statistical image analysis for characterising the morphology of porous and composite materials, data-driven stochastic modelling of micro-and nanostructures for virtual material testing, diverse cooperations with the Medical University of Graz and cooperations with local industry (food analysis, engine test bench calibration, microchip production, etc.).

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