Work with us

Contract research

Projects of half a year up to three years involving Master or PhD students. It is very impressive that about 70% of all Master students participating in such a project are getting a job offer after the project has been completed successfully.


Within the scope of a Makerthon, interdisciplinary teams face the challenge of finding solutions for real industrial problems within 48 h, spread over three days. The aim is to identify the root of the problems, to develop ideas and concepts based on them and to realize them in the form of prototypes.
The participants are methodically supported by domain experts from the institute, coached and technically accompanied by experts from industry partners and have access to all facilities of the Schumpeter Laboratory for Innovation in order to convert their concepts into physical prototypes.


We support companies that need timely assistance or support in dealing with current issues or in the development of product concepts or business models. A team of four University Assistants from relevant institutes at Graz University of Technology will work out results within two days to assess the feasibility and practicability.

Partner in

Real-life tasks and budget provided by companies allow student teams to develop a product concept, working prototype and a business plan taking up to a full academic year. Our Product Innovation Project is an ideal opportunity to get to know students very well.


Our partners have privileged access to our offerings focusing on innovation. This also includes the access to the Schumpeter Laboratory for Innovation. Long-term partners benefit from most of our initiatives first-hand and exclusively. We except up to 15 partners with a three-year membership. Our resources are limited, thus this partnership guarantees the best service.

Case study

In order to be more present for our students, we offer companies who are searching for talent or want to build up their brand at the university to develop a case study which can be taught in one of our courses.


Courses in various topics of industrial management are offered for companies. Workshops for companies such as Value Engineering with Ventrex, Idea Creation with Miba, Knapp and Pankl, or Lean Management with ÖBB Rail Cargo have successfully been completed.

Use of the
Schumpeter Laboratory
for Innovation

The Schumpeter Laboratory for Innovation can be booked by startups, SMEs as well as large enterprises as a rapid prototyping facility for idea testing and product development, or for small batch size production. Also, the IIM offers customized personal support at the Schumpeter Laboratory for Innovation directly adapted to the industry partner’s needs.

Use of
the LEAD

The LEAD Factory provides a close-to-reality learning environment to experience lean, energy efficiency, agile operations and digitalization. The Institute of Innovation and Industrial Management provides half-day up to three-day trainings for industry partners.

Use of the
IIM Seminar

The IIM Seminar Room, which has been designed and constructed in the unique design of a Harvard Business School case study room can be rented for workshops, teambuilding events, trainings, meetings or video conferences with larger groups. Catering and coffee breaks are included.


By giving a talk (30 min. up to 2 hours) in one of our courses students get to know you and your company, which is a good way to establish relationships. CTOs or CEOs from Siemens (Dr. Busch), Magna Europe (Mr. Apfalter), Russian Machines (Mr. Eibeck) and others have already shared their experiences with our students.


If you want our students to work with your products, you can contact us regarding a sponsorship model. Currently, Conrad Electronic, Hilti, Pichler Medientechnik and Alpen-Maykestag offer their products to our students in the Schumpeter Laboratory for Innovation.


The IIM institute also offers consulting projects. Examples of finished projects are layout planning projects (brownfield or greenfield), industrial engineering projects, the development of a new production line from scratch for series production using lean principles, value analysis projects for new or established products, energy efficiency projects, use of new technologies (industrial 3D printing), business model innovation through digitalization and more.

If you are interested in working with us, please get in touch via or call
+43 316 8737291 and let us know what you are interested in.


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