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Open theses

Type    Topic* Institute / 
Industrial Partner
MA   Customer Journey Mapping in Kooperation mit der Miba Bearing Group   Marion Unegg
MA   Operations- and Network Planning   Elias Auberger
BA   Workbook for applied design thinking - benchmarking and elaboration      Marion Unegg
BA   Simulation based optimization combined with machine learning     Elias Auberger
MA/BA   Virtual workplace design and process planning in the LEAD Factory     Heimo Preising
BA   Open Innovation in Academic Makerspaces     Andreas Kohlweiss
BA   Implementation of a tool for process monitoring in the LEAD Factory LEAD Factory   Maria Hulla

Open Topics  @ Laboratory for Innovation

FabLab   Andreas Kohlweiss

Konzept und Realisierung von Industrie 4.0 Anwendungen

LEAD Factory   Hugo Karre

*We also supervise theses, that are independently arranged between students and companies, if they fit into the portfolio of the IIM.


BA = Bachelor thesis
MA = Master thesis
DI = Dissertation
JP=Job Posting


For more information please contact the responsible supervisor (Scientific assistant).