PIP & Innovation Festival 2019

The Product Innovation Project (PIP) is a course offered by the Institute of Innovation and Industrial Management and follows the concept of project-based learning. Within the framework of the PIP, students from various disciplines, nations and universities are given the opportunity to bundle their skills and solve concrete tasks provided by our industrial partners. They are supported by internal and external experts, the numerous possibilities of the Schumpeter Laboratory for Innovation, and a financial budget provided by the industry partners.

In its 13th edition, the Product Innovation Project can legitimately be described as a successful concept that has been continuously improved based on gained experiences.

Our industrial partners benefit from new perspectives and ideas generated by the student teams and also gain access to motivated high-level students. The commitment of the students is rewarded by the acquisition of various experiences, especially in the areas of product development and interdisciplinary teamwork, but also by the formation of a valuable network with colleagues and industry partners. Last but not least, students receive ECTS credits and the opportunity to present their work to an audience of industry experts, scientists and students.

The Innovation Festival marked the official end of the project and took place on the 6th of June in the brand new Schumpeter Laboratory for Innovation and at the open-air area in front of the building Inffeldgasse 11. Among other highlights, there were exhibition stands, pitches and guided tours through the new premises of the Schumpeter Laboratory for Innovation. A total of 9 student teams presented their results using state-of-the-art media technology.

The spectrum of topics ranged from innovative fuses to quickly and reliably switch off electric vehicles in an emergency situation to innovative approaches to make micro living spaces more usable in the future.

Another team focused on today's environmental problems, especially the pollution of the oceans by plastic, and presented its prototype that should prevent plastic from getting into the sea in the future. Challenges in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality were also examined by some teams, as well as the assurance and the improvement of product quality in the aerospace, automotive and energy sectors.
Live music by the bands "The Uptown Monotones" and "Evon Rose" provided the perfect setting to discuss detailed questions about developed products as well as to celebrate the successful completion of the projects.
Now we are looking forward to next year´s edition and especially to the interesting and innovative solutions that our students will surprise us with again.


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