On an area of more than 800 m², the Schumpeter Laboratory for Innovation provides a platform for the information exchange of students, researchers, start-ups, SMEs and established industrial companies.

It offers access to the most modern infrastructure — digital production machines, extensive multimedia and communication systems – in order to support the cooperation of involved actors and the resulting product and business model development in the best possible way. Based on the development and implementation of new cooperation models, new strategies for targeted cooperation of the relevant key players are researched and derived. This hotspot for innovation regularly hosts various programs such as makerthons, innovation weeks, training programs and much more.
The new Schumpeter Laboratory for Innovation offers opportunities to teach practical skills and applying them creatively. Therefore, it encourages students to freely invent and prototype as in the course “Design Thinking and Rapid Prototyping”. By providing access to powerful tools of production within shared spaces and actively connecting the individuals involved, a significant boost in their commitment can be expected. Hands-on training concepts with learning by doing experiences represent an alternative to traditional teaching methods.
The construction work for the additional floor at Inffeldgasse 11 started in July 2017. In September 2018 we got the finished but empty building to create our new academic Makerspace which is now home of the working group Innovation. The interior work was completed by November 2018. The official opening of the laboratory took place on April, 25th 2019.
The Schumpeter Laboratory for Innovation is divided into different areas including the Fabrication Laboratory (FabLab), the Lobby, the Office Area, meeting rooms (Schumpeter & Tesla) and the DesignLab.

Design Lab - The multifunctional area

It is the multifunctional area of the Schumpeter Laboratory for Innovation and designed for flexible use. Settings can be easily modified and rearranged for various purposes like lectures, panel discussions, creative work, workshops
and social interactions. It is equipped with a high tech 4K LED display wall, highly sophisticated sound, light and video conferencing equipment and offers a capacity for up to 120 people. Besides the regular university use, the flexibility allows hosting different non-university events like music acts, board meetings or product presentations.
Additionally, the DesignLab offers the possibility to arrange moveable workbenches to be used as an extension of the FabLab if needed.

FabLab - Rapid prototyping with digital fabrication machines

The FabLab is providing easy to use and state-of-the-art digital production machines such as laser cutters, a waterjet cutter, high-resolution CNC milling machines, 3D printers of various technologies, a 3D scanner, a PCB printer and electronic work stations, equipped with everything needed for rapid prototyping.
On oneThursday each month from 2 pm to 6 pm, the FabLab is available to everyone, not just to students. After being generally trained in safety and organizational issues one just has to bring along own ideas to realize them physically. Further information on the topic can be found on

Lobby - Space to exchange ideas and experiences

The Lobby is an essential space at the Schumpeter Laboratory for Innovation. It is a space which encourages open communication and spontaneous encounters. Users of the laboratory are invited to both, work and relax, as this combination is vital to the creative process and performance.

Schumpeter & Tesla - State-of-the-art meeting rooms

Two meeting rooms, named according to two famous scientists with Graz background, are equipped with interactive touchscreen monitors and video conference equipment to support cooperation by meeting virtually.

Short Info

What is the Schumpeter Laboratory for Innovation?

The Schumpeter Laboratory for Innovation is a place for learning, prototyping and exchanging ideas to foster product innovation involving maker, industry and scientific research.

Who can use the Schumpeter Laboratory for Innovation?

Students of our courses and members of our industry partners have access to the Schumpeter Laboratory for Innovation. On one Thursday afternoon each month, after participating in a basic training, the general public can enjoy free access.

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