Prof. Brian Cody

A central theme of our research is the relationship between the energy efficiency of buildings and their shape or design language. In order to achieve the social goals of sustainable development of our environment, we know that the energy efficiency and ecology of any architectural project today should be at the top of the agenda of all planners. If the various aspects of energy efficiency are taken into account in the form finding or design process, new languages of form or new forms in architecture can emerge. This research project deals with the following questions: How pronounced is the relationship between the form and the energy performance of a building? Does the inclusion of such considerations inevitably lead to a new language of form? Or is it conceivable to optimize the energy performance of a building, regardless of its architectural style and without affecting the desired architectural impression, in such a way that the social goals regarding sustainability can still be achieved? In any case, the relationship between architecture and energy always exists. Whether Form follows Energy or Energy follows Form; the energy efficiency of a building is significantly influenced by its architecture.


January 2005 - December 2005


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