Markus Godez

The project „METACELL“ aims to contrib- ute to a discussion to what extend hyper- structures can offer solutions to nowa- days challenges post oil cities are facing.

The characteristics of „METACELLS“ consist in predominantly using syn- ergy potentials between human, na- ture and technology in order to cre- ate a resilient urban environment.

The METACELL as a building structure is following the principle of a Hyperbuilding: Decentralised configuration of urban functions: Living, working, education and culture, food production, industry and energy production. All embedded in public space areas for social gath- ering to make local, social and eco- nomic interdependencies prosperous.

The aim from the technical point of view is a fifty percent increase of energy, veg- etable and fruit supply for Berlin, with one hundred cells widespread over the city. Furthermore the project should of- fer living space for the future increase of Berlin’s population.

In general the project METACELL has a development period till 2050.

Godez, Metacell, 2015
Godez, Metacell, 2015
Godez, Metacell, 2015