Excape Hotel in the city
Jelena Obradovic

At a time when global world development was reaching great wideness in every sense, some things remained almost the same as from the time of ancient Greece. Furthermore engineering and architectural facilities are growing with each day and hand in hand with that fact are growing also architectural wonders. Great hotels have always been something that fulfilled trav- elers and successfully enabled jumping from one world to another. From the ancient time basically hotel function remained the same- lodging but everything other has changed. Hotels have gained lot of oth- er functions, opportunities and categories. Nowadays therearelotofinfluencingfactorsthatare making some hotel more successful and profitable than others: marketing, enterprise, location, planning and design and economics.1 Moreover hotels have become a matter of prestige, so the owners in order to make it more attractive are hiring some of the most famous archi- tects known as “starchitects” in order to attract more attention. As it was in history, race has still the same point, that every new hotel has something what previous didn’t have had.