159.780 SE Energy and Architecture | SE Energy Analysis | UE Energy Modelling | SS | 6SWS | 8ECTS | Master


In the upcoming semester, our focus is on exploring how individual lifestyle choices contribute to urban development patterns and their impact on sustainability. We aim to create distinct profiles, analyzing their carbon footprint implications, with a particular emphasis on CO2 emissions from food, travel, mobility, and energy use in buildings. While drawing on established literature for a theoretical foundation, we will extensively examine energy emissions from buildings, employing tools like Grasshopper and the ETH city energy simulator for simulations in Graz and surrounding areas.

Our goal is to provide valuable insights into the sustainability of various lifestyles, quantifying their impacts and informing urban planning and development practices.

159.778 SE Energy and Architecture
159.779 SE Energy Analysis
159.780 UE Energy Modelling

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SE Energy and Architecture
SE Energy Anaylsis
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