159.560 L Building Engineering | W | 3SWS | 4ECTS | Bachelor


Prof. Brian Cody, Dipl-Ing. Markus Bartaky Anyla Berisha MSc, Dipl.-Ing. Lea Weiß, Dipl.-Ing. Hatice Cody, Dipl.-Ing. Alexander Eberl, Dipl.-Ing. Minoru Suzuki,

In the lecture part of the course, the students will learn the basics of building engineering illustrated by practical examples. Based on this, the students select a case study and carry out an analysis of the site, climate, building technology and the façade. In this process the students learn to evaluate a building from an energy and building technology perspective. In accordance with this year’s topic “New Transparencies”, a special focus will be placed on the façade. Students will analyse the energy implications of using transparent materials and find out whether there is a correlation between the amount of glazing and the energy consumption of a building. The students will explore in which ways architecture and technology interact with each other and whether they positively reinforce each other and form synergies.


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L Building engineering

Anagnostopoulos & Kummer, Gruppe Wermke
Schuler & Badr, Gruppe Tepavcevic