159.561 L Architecture and Energy | S | 3SWS | 4ECTS | Bachelor


Prof. Brian Cody, Anyla Berisha MSc, Dipl.-Ing. Hatice Cody, Dipl-Ing. Alexander Eberl, Dipl.-Ing. Minoru Suzuki

The aim of the course is the development of the ability to approach building designs holistically. The mere reduction of a buildings energy consumption does not inherit energy efficiency. Instead architecture should incorporate the triad of minimized energy consumption, maximized environmental comfort and last but not least architectural quality. In this course students apply the knowledge gained in the preceding courses Building Engineering and Construction Physics regarding the reciprocation of climate, envelope, active systems and form and use it to develop an energy optimized design project in the context of this academic year’s annual topic “New Transperencies”.


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L Architecture and energy

Jäger, Pollack, Dostovic, Steinberger & Zenz, ONR, SS19
Ackermann, Oreb, Keijser, Rothbart & Stocker, Officium Vienna, SS19
Stanojevic, Vadlja & Bleban, Open Slab, SS19