Advanced Manufacturing

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The research field Advanced Manufacturing at the Institute of Production Engineering examines integrated and for industry typical value chains and works on the enhancements of its flexibility which all is significantly driven by most modern information technologies. At the IFT, Additive Manufacturing of metallic components is a main focus of the research.

Additive Manufacturing

Aside the general teaching of „additive thinking“, the optimization of Additive Manufacturing of components with high reliability requirements and the increase of productivity of the process are the core fields of research. For this purpose, a machine for selective laser melting of industrial scope is available that can build parts with dimensions up to 280mm x 280mm x 340mm. Completely new chances in light weight construction, a tool-less generating of complicated geometries or the creation of already integrated parts to reduce assembly efforts are the amazing results of Additive Manufacturing which finally lead to highly innovative products.
Additive manufacured parts
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