Scripts for ABAQUS / CAE

abq3Dmesh2geom is a python script to create geometry from 3D orphan meshes.

After importing the mesh in CAE just run the script!

Choose the model, part and conversion settings and click OK. Depending on the mesh size and conversion settings the script will run up to several minutes and states the progress in the message area.


  • In some cases ABAQUS gets stuck during running the script. Try to reduce the number of elements of the part by splitting it into several parts.
  • Sometimes ABAQUS can't create some faces or leaves gaps. Identify the free edges with "Geometry Diagnostics". Try to repair them by combining them with neighboring faces ("Remove Faces" and "Create Face"))
  • The generated sets or surfaces may miss some points, cells or faces. Mostly this is due to the fact that the new geometric part does not have specific points at midside nodes or simply the specific item does not exist in the new part.

Suggestions for improvements are very welcome!

Download abq3Dmesh2geom.py