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after all, there will always be construction ...

On the one hand, construction is an existential need, but on the other, it is one of the most fascinating activities that exist. Construction starts with the knowledge of earth sciences and ends with fascinating buildings by civil engineers. When talking about construction in civil engineering, the concept not only includes house construction but also deep drilling, tunnel construction, dams and skyscrapers. Civil engineering and earth sciences are the theoretical and practical foundation for realising construction projects of every kind. Besides buildings, bridges and power stations, civil engineers also plan the entire infrastructure, from roads and railways to airfields, sewage systems, water supply and wastewater treatment plants. However, planning is not the only task for geoscientists and civil engineers. The construction, operation, maintenance and, of course, the disposal of constructions and plants also fall within the area of responsibility of civil engineering. Structural all-rounders are in high demand – after all, there will always be construction!


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