Pappmaché. From Paper to Sustainable Architecture Material

Nera Džanić

Assoc.Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Milena Stavrić
Institut für Architektur und Medien
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The main subject of this thesis is creating a new, paper-based composite material through processes that are ecologically friendly and sustainable, with methods that result in biodegradable and reusable products. In order to come to desired results, the blend made out of paper as a base and fibers, as well as additives, undergo multiple tests for characterizing the material and implementing possible improvements throughout the process.
The goal of the research was to prove that materials used in architecture and interior design practices can be sustainable, but also hand-made, while fulfilling at least one important function (besides aesthetics). The created compound has proven that it can be completely made out of waste. Newspaper as a material has great potential and it has shown adequate material properties. Yet it is still to be further researched if the material were to be applied in somewhat other ways that include waterproof and fire repellent attributes. Considering the acoustic testing, the results have already shown better performance than mineral wool (20mm thick), but there is still room for improvement, which can be further investigated by designing different surfaces that include perforations. Nonetheless, the created composite material has immense potential of becoming an aesthetically and functionally relevant part of interior design.