2nd eseia Conference - Call for Papers

The conference Smart and Green Transitions in Cities & Regions is part of the bi-annual eseia conference series, convening top innovators from academia, business and public sector to discuss the transition of the European energy and resource system. The 2016 conference will be hosted by Graz University of Technology. This year’s conference is dedicated to the transition in urban areas and will focus on three topical tracks.

Track 1: Brown-field development

Smart urban areas will have to exploit all possible potentials to increase their settlement density to enable growth without squandering precious and resources. This track welcomes contributions covering one or more aspects of multifunctional development of brown fields within cities:
  • Multi-functional re-vitalisation of urban brown fields
  • ƒƒIntegrative urban infrastructure solution for brown field development and building stock re-vitalisation
  • ƒƒUtilisation of urban resources (waste, waste heat, environmental energy, etc.) in brown field development
  • ƒƒInnovative development and business strategies for brown field re-vitalisation

Track 2: Metropolitan regions

Smart metropolitan regions will provide a mixture of urbanized and recreational areas to allow a wide variety of activities, limiting urban sprawl, attracting industry and commerce and providing cultural centres. Theoretical and best-practise papers are expected addressing at least one of the following items within metropolitan regions:
  • ƒSpatial and regional planning under the umbrella of smart cities
  • ƒƒInnovations in information technology, transportation and energy to push sustainable regions
  • ƒƒTypologies of housing and office buildings for sustainable regions
  • ƒƒEcologies of vibrant metropolitan regions

Track 3: Green Urban Mobility

Mobility is a basic demand for economic and social development. The transition to smarter and cleaner mobility requires further development of efficient transport technologies, infrastructure management and logistic organization. Papers are welcomed in which one of the following aspects will be addressed within urban areas:
  • ƒefficient and innovative technologies for mobility (vehicle, infrastructure, logistics)
  • ƒƒsustainable multimodal traffic management for people and goods
  • ƒƒthe human factor – interactions and influences between human and mobility
  • ƒƒenergy supply for mobility

Review process

Decision about acceptance of contributions will be made based on a roughly 500 word abstract. Accepted authors are requested to provide an extended abstract. The International Conference committee will invite outstanding contributions to be upgraded to full papers and to be published in a special issue of the Springer Open access Journal Energy, Sustainability
and Society. You may want to use the following template to write an abstract of about 500 words in one of the above topics. You have to submit the abstract using the Registration menue of this webpage or email it to eseia16noSpam@tugraz.at Download Template

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TU Graz, Campus Inffeld, Inffeldgasse 25D, 8010 Graz

Arrival Instruction Map: Inffeldgasse 25D: rooms i3 and i7 Date: 4–6 April 2016 Call for papers deadline:
15th February, 2016 Registration deadline:
30th March, 2016 Scientific local committee:
  • Martin Fellendorf
  • Peter Fischer
  • Michael Narodoslawsky
Email: eseia16noSpam@tugraz.at