PMG/Product testing/Measurements


The PMG disposes of multifaceted know-how and specialized technical equipment which makes it possible to take complicated and extraordinary measurements. These comprise:

Measurement of laser power

The PMG possess extensive measuring equipment to be able to measure emitted laser radiation of laser devices, the measuring equipment cover a wide range of wavelengths including a precision laser measurement bench (Präzisions- Laser- Messbank) to carry out high accuracy and reproducible measurements.

Measurement of light parameters

The PMG has a measuring equipment which makes it possible to carry out measurements of light parameters of the visible light spectrum, for example devices for light therapy with lamps or LEDs, but also for the examination of the spectral composition of broadband breitbandig light emission.

Infrared heat distribution

The PMG is able to examine, with the help of an infrared camera (recent microbolometer technology), in addition to the conventional measurement technologies also contactless the heating up behavior of devices, components or system components (for example electric switchboard) quickly and comprehensively. This can occur in the development phase of the devices to show the location of thermal problems for example (e. g.) the overheating of components. Within the scope of EC type testing the application of the infrared camera provides is an effective and reliable opportunity for the  comprehensive, examination efficiently and economically.

Non-destructive x-ray examination

The PMG has a mobile state of the art 300kV x-ray examination unit which enables the non-destructive analysis of the assembly of devices or components. The mobility makes it possible to offer this special examination possibilities on-location.

Static electric fields and magnetic fields; Low frequency electric and magnetic fields; High frequency electromagnetic wave

The PMG possesses a wide range of measuring instruments and measuring probes, which not only enable the analysis of electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields across the entire 0Hz to 3GHz frequency range, but also the analysis of the spectral composition and when required the continuous recording and monitoring of immissions over a longer period of time (for example 24 hours). It is therefore possible to investigate the following questions:
  • examination of the electromagnetic compatibility of devices with electronic implants (for example a pacemaker)
  • measuring of static electric fields for example due to the electrostatic charge in the operating room
  •  measuring of static magnetic fields for example of MR tomographs or body-worn permanent magnets
  •  measuring of low frequency emissions of electronic devices including their harmonics.
  • measurements of the intermediate frequency range for example of HF surgical devices, energy-saving lamps, induction units and RFID systems
  •  measurements of emissions in the high frequency range for example of diathermy units or MR tomographs
  • immission measurements e.g. in sensitive areas like an intensive care unit, a sleeping room, a kindergarten, etc. for example in connection with external and internal exposure sources e.g. transformer stations, high-voltage lines, transmitting stations for radio broadcasting and mobile radio
  • immission measurements at the workplace (e.g. medicine, energy technology, industry, trade and commerce) for example in connection with the obligations of the employer according to the occupational health and safety directive 2004/40/EC.

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Assoc.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr.techn. Jörg Schröttner
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