We can do it differently

We can do it differently

In an article "Wir können auch anders" as part of the Austrian journal DATUM, Günter Getzinger, head of STS/TU Graz, draws a more pessimistic picture regarding lessions learned from corona pandemia, for the fight against climate change.

 Experts, Social Scientists, and ...

Experts, Social Scientists, and ...

As can be evinced in the current COVID pandemia, one way in which modern societies react to times of insecurity is by addressing increased hopes to experts. This phenomen has been in the focus of a recent book publication by Christian Dayé.


Welcome at the STS - Science, Technology and Society Unit

Research and teaching at the STS Unit has two interconnected aims: to better understand the various societal and environmental implications of technology development and – based on this knowledge – to strengthen research and innovation in line with broader societal needs.

This type of research is conducted at early stages of technology innovation and in an inter- and transdisciplinary way by bringing together scientists and engineers from all disciplines and by involving technology users and stakeholder groups. We have a strong record in participatory research and are internationally acknowledged as a competent partner when it comes to implementing the principles of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI). Within TU Graz, we see it as our task to help in maintaining it as a space to which the labels Responsible University and Sustainable University both apply.

Our research is frequently contributing to or organized as technology assessment, ELSA (ethical, legal and social aspects) studies, feminist studies, science, technology and society studies (STS), sustainability studies, policy analysis, and the history of science.


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