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CRP - Conference of Rectors and Presidents of European Universities of Technology

Internationalisation of Universities


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  • Tagung/Konferenz
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In 1980, this conference has been started following a joint initiative of Aachen and Vienna to establish an informal group of representatives from leading engineering universities in Europe.

The basic objectives of the conference are to offer an open forum for

  • discussing topics of major common concern, that are not discussed in other fora,
  •  identifying differences and commonalities of existing solutions to problems of common interest,
  •  developing new ideas and - if appropriate - preparing recommendations on specific topics, and, thus,
  •  forming a "think tank" for the future development of the universities of technology in Europe.


Prof. Manfred Horvat, TU Vienna (Conference Coordinator) and Rector Harald Kainz, TU Graz (2017 Conference Host)

Zeit und Ort

15. September 2017, 10:00 - 16. September 2017, 14:00

TU Graz, Campus Alte Technik, Hörsaal II + Foyer, Rechbauerstraße 12/Tiefgeschoß, 8010 Graz


Abhaltungssprache: Englisch

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