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LEAD Summer School on Complex Networked and Control Systems


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  • Andere Veranstaltungsart
  • Information Communication & Computing (Field of Expertise)

The Internet of Things (IoT) will connect tens of billions “Smart Things” that provide safety-critical services such as Smart Cities, Smart Production, or Connected Cars. Here, real-world objects will not only be monitored by wireless sensors, but their actions will also be wirelessly controlled. Failures of the IoT may therefore lead to disastrous consequences. To this end, wireless networking, networked control, and signal processing techniques are required that enable a dependable IoT despite harsh environments and deliberate attacks.

Goals and Audience

The goal of the summer school is to survey fundamentals and selected advanced aspects of networked optimization and control, wireless networking, and signal processing in support of a dependable IoT. International experts give full-day courses on these aspects. Participants can experience the relevant technologies also during hands-on courses and can present their own work during a participant's workshop. The school will provide a good opportunity to get to know other people working in the field, to meet distinguished scholars, and to establish contacts that may lead to research collaborations in the future. We expect about 35 participants - the intended audience are post-graduate students, PhD students, and young researchers from universities and industrial laboratories around the world.


Dr. Martin Steinberger, Prof. Martin Horn

Zeit und Ort

17. Juli 2018, 08:30 - 20. Juli 2018, 17:00

TU Graz, Campus Inffeldgasse, Inffeldgasse 10, IT-Lernzentrum INF, Lehrsaal I, 8010 Graz, Austria


Abhaltungssprache: Englisch


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