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Incoming Stories

Wie erleben Austauschstudierende ihren Aufenthalt in Graz? Was sind ihre besten Momente, was konnten sie lernen, welche Erfahrungen haben sie gemacht? Was konnten Sie aus dem Aufenthalt an der TU Graz für ihre weiteres Studium und Karriere mitnehmen? (Berichte auf Englisch)

Infos zu einem Austausch an der TU Graz finden Sie auf der Seite Überblick Austausch an der TU Graz.

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City tour for summer programme students

July 5, 2022

Amidst beautiful sunshine five summer students from Serbia and Egypt were given a tour of Graz, which will be their home for the next few weeks. Johanna, our guide, took us on a two hour city tour from the TU Graz Campus to the opera, along several other sights and finally a walk up the Schlossberg.

In addition several nice places for a dinner & drink and the best ice cream places in town were pointed out. Which will all give much needed respite after a day of lab work! We all enjoyed the tour and it was a wonderful opportunity for the summer students to get to know each other better. Barbara Lorber, Coordinator for International Affairs, who joined the tour as well got to know the city from a different perspective: "I also learned quite a bit about the history of Graz, as it was my first official city tour despite having lived here for 7 years!"

Barbara Lorber, Coordinator for International Affairs

Job Shadowing from Universidade de Lisboa

June 20, 2022

“When I was taking my degree, I didn’t have the opportunity to go on an Erasmus exchange. So, it was something … that was lacking. Although doing a staff exchange is not the same, it was very gratifying for me to have the opportunity to travel to another country, to another university and learn about the work and cultural differences and to share with other people some ideas and good practices in the workplace.” Bruno Goncalves, the first incoming staff from a Unite! partner university, Universidade de Lisboa, enjoyed a job shadowing at TU Graz.

When asked what he gained from the job shadowing he said, “I improved my foreign language skills, which it’s always useful in my department, I learned a lot about cool initiatives.” He even took part in our lunch lottery and enjoyed every minute of his stay.

Barbara Böttger, International Office - Welcome Center

Finding a family far away from home

February 17, 2022

Studying in another country had been my dream since I was a child, after so many years of hard work and dedication I had the opportunity to find this incredible city in Austria called Graz, I did not know what to expect about this new adventure, it would be my first time living alone, far away from my family on the other side of the world (to be honest I was terrified) but since the first moment I was admitted at TU Graz, I knew it would be an unforgettable experience, they helped since the beginning with all the processes and all doubts I had.

Once I arrived in Austria, I knew I had made the right decision. The country is just incredible, the people are so kind, the landscapes are just unreal, and Graz feels like home.

Leaving my country, my comfort zone and my family was the best decision I could have made. The best thing about this exchange semester was to find a lot of friends that now I can call my family. With them I spent a lot of adventures, trips, and difficult moments. Austria, TU Graz, and my friends are going to be always in my heart and my memories.

Alma Mendoza, overSEAs incoming student, Tecnológico de Monterrey, WS 2021

Welcome Events in winter semester 2021/22

October 4, 2021

For international exchange students, the semester started with a Welcome Activity in the International Garden at TU Graz as a first get together in person, whereas the Orientation Sessions took place online. These were three intensive afternoons, crammed with information.

In the Intercultural Awareness Sessions, ICAS for short, students from different cultures mingled for an afternoon, to talk about experiences in foreign countries and Austrian culture.

The Academic Advising Sessions were held by the Departmental Coordinators, each especially designed for the field of study to get all the questions about the right courses to take answered.

On Fridays, Guided City Tours were offered in small groups, so that students learn more about their new home town.

At the end of September exchange students participated in a Campus Survival Tour, guided by local students of TU Graz who were on an exchange or plan to go abroad.

Thanks to everyone who supported our team to organize the Orientation Events!

Gitte Cerjak, International Office - Welcome Center

Welcome Activity für neue Austausstudierende

7. September 2021

Ein herzliches Willkommen an unsere neuen Austauschstudierenden, die im Wintersemester 2021 ihren Austausch beginnen werden! Wir hätten kein besseres Wetter für die Willkommensveranstaltung bestellen können, die gestern und heute in unserem Internationalen Garten stattfand. Viel Sonnenschein, einige Icebreaker Sessions und aufgeschlossene Studierende waren die perfekten Zutaten für eine gelungene Welcome Activity.

Studierende, die erst in den nächsten Tagen ankommen, brauchen sich keine Sorgen zu machen, dass sie eine Gelegenheit verpasst haben, mit anderen in Kontakt zu treten, da wir im Laufe vom September eine Reihe von Veranstaltungen geplant haben (die meisten davon in kleinen Gruppen, um die COVID-19-Vorschriften einzuhalten), um andere Austauschstudierende kennenzulernen, mehr über die österreichische Kultur zu erfahren sich in ihrem neuen Zuhause einzuleben. 

Alle Informationen über bevorstehende Veranstaltungen und die Gruppeneinteilung werden per E-Mail verschickt! 

Lena Neureiter, International Office - Welcome Center

Ice Cream Social Event

September 1, 2021

8 formerly unknown faces, 8 different stories, 8 different nationalities, sunshine and ice cream make a super summer event with lots of laughter and moments to remember.

The reasons for staying at TU Graz are various:
summer programmes, internships, research projects and exchange semesters.
What our students all have in common: they ventured abroad and are taking advantage of the new possibilities offered, are mastering life in a new country and are enjoying themselves while doing so.

Karin, incoming exchange coordinator at TU Graz really enjoyed organizing the event:
"Thank you for this great afternoon! That’s exactly why I love being a student exchange coordinator."

Karin Leber, International Office - Welcome Center

Getting a 'sweet' scholarship for a research stay in Austria

August 19, 2021

Aaron Wiedemer, a senior majoring in food science in Penn State’s College of Agricultural Sciences, will be taking his research in Austria in fall 2021 with the help of the Marshall Plan Scholarship. At Graz University of Technology, he will be working with Erich Leitner, head of the Institute of Analytical Chemistry and Food Chemistry, in the area of chocolate flavours.
“Experiencing how research is conducted at another university will be beneficial. I also hope my experience abroad will contribute to additional research in flavor chemistry“.
Read more: http://ow.ly/CJdF50Fuwjg 

Aaron Wiedemer, Marshall Plan exchange student, Penn State University, USA

Farewell Summer Semester 2021

July 8, 2021

During summer semester 2021, the international exchange students did not have many chances to meet in person but at the end of the semester, we were finally able to invite them to a Farewell Event in the International Garden – and many followed our call for a short reunion before leaving.  So at least one time in this strange semester, students could enjoy an official get-together to talk about their personal experiences during their time in Graz.

We even took a group picture as a souvenir!

Gitte Cerjak, International Office -Welcome Center

Improving student success via a pre-arrival community!

July 6, 2021

We at TU Graz aim to improve student wellbeing, student integration and student success to ensure a very warm welcome to our new incoming exchange students. 

This summer, we’ve collaborated with Goin’ Connect to create an inclusive community for our new students! Via our exclusive Goin’ Connect platform, students can already build a network prior to the start of their studies.  TU Graz values the use of a data-friendly solution for our students to connect in a low-boundary manner.

TU Graz incoming exchange students starting their exchange in the winter semester 2021 will receive further information about the Goin’ Connect App and the access code via e-mail.

Lena Neureiter, International Office - Welcome Center

Mein Praktikum in der Brennstoffzellentechnik an der TU Graz

In meinem letzten Jahr des Masterstudiums „Chemische Verfahrenstechnik“ an der Universität Ljubljana, Slowenien, entschied ich mich für ein fünfmonatiges Praktikum am Institut für Chemische Verfahrenstechnik und Umwelttechnik der TU Graz. Im November begann ich in der Forschungsgruppe von Professor Viktor Hacker zu arbeiten, die sich auf die Materialentwicklung für Brennstoffzellen, Wasserstoffproduktion und -reinigung und auf die Herstellung und Charakterisierung von Katalysatoren spezialisiert hat. Ich interessiere mich schon lange für Brennstoffzellen und es war wirklich schön zu sehen, wie die Technologie im wirklichen Leben funktioniert – und nicht nur in der Theorie, wie wir sie an der Fakultät lernen.

Erfahren Sie mehr hier

Mark Kozamernik, Erasmus+ exchange student, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia

Einblicke in das Studium an der TU Graz für Studierende der Tongji Universtät

12. Mai 2021
Das Interesse an einem Studienaufenthalt an der TU Graz ist bei den Studierenden an unserer Partneruniversität in Shanghai groß. Aber was genau erwartet mich in Graz? Wie sieht das Studium dort aus? Wo werde ich wohnen können? Diese und viele andere Fragen wurden bei einer Informationsveranstaltung am Jiading Campus der Tongji University von Yang Li, Leiterin des Liaison Office, und Studierenden des Doppelmasterprogramms (Wang Rucai, Yu Lei und Zhangyoufa) am 22. April beantwortet. Neben Insiderinformationen zum Studium an der TU Graz und dem Leben in Graz gab es auch Berichte über das Praktikum bei der AVL, welches ein Teil des Doppelmasterstudiums im Bereich Fahrzeugtechnik ist. Hier an der TU Graz freuen wir uns schon auf die nächsten incoming Studierenden aus Shanghai!

Li Yang, Verbindungsbüro der TU Graz an der Tongji University

Erasmus at TU Graz in the time of Corona

My name is Ivan from Croatia and I was an Erasmus student at TU Graz for WS2020. At the time of applying I had no idea what will happen at the end.

The first few days were lonely but soon, after arrival, my ESN buddy group and TU Graz orientation sessions began. Therefore, I met so many interesting people from all around the world.
For the first time I was part of a global group of friends, from Argentina to China, and it was amazing to find out how we differ and how similar are we.

Unfortunately, all my classes were online so it was hard meeting people from my field of study in person, but professors of TU Graz make a great online teaching community and I was really impressed with it. I learned a lot and never felt out of touch with the professors.

In February 2021, my Erasmus experience ended. I cannot say it was the best Erasmus experience you can get, but I will remember it for my whole life. I grew as person and met many people, who will be my long distance friends, hopefully forever.

Ivan Vrsalović, Erasmus+ exchange student, University of Rijeka, Croatia

Graz: A Life-changing experience

Hi! I am Rosh from Hongkong. I have been in Graz for 6 months already at this moment. I always wanted to stay in a place far far away from home, even since I was in middle school. And here I am in Graz, making my wish come true.

I have never heard of Graz before I came here. But these 6 months have already made Graz one of my favorite places on Earth as I explored and fell in love with this city and the people here. I saw snow for the first time in my life, I hiked more than ever, I saw stars in the clearest sky I have ever seen, I got to finally practice my German, etc. But the most amazing thing is, I met people from all around the world, and some of them became important friends.

I will never forget the warmth of the sun and the breeze of wind on my skin, while I was sitting in Stadtpark. I will never forget the moment in Schlossberg when I looked up and saw a sky full of stars. I will never forget walking down an empty street and seeing tiny snowflakes falling onto my palms. I will never forget every moment spent with my favorite people in this amazing city.

I can’t be more grateful. Thank you, Graz.

Chui Ting Cheung, overSEAs incoming student, Chinese University of Hong Kong, academic year 2020-21

Welcome Events in den Zeiten der Pandemie

23. März 2021

Im Februar sind die neuen Austauschstudierenden aller Programme angekommen, um das Sommersemester an der TU Graz zu verbringen. Trotz der unsicheren Zeiten haben sich fast 70 Studierende aus ganz Europa, Asien und den beiden Amerikas dazu entschlossen, das Wagnis einzugehen und der Pandemie die Stirn zu bieten. Wir finden das großartig!

Nicht nur das Sommersemester findet momentan nur online statt, sondern auch der Deutsch-Intensivkurs, die First Orientation Sessions und das studienfachspezifische Academic Advising konnten nur online stattfinden. Die Campus Survival Tour muss auf einen Zeitpunkt verschoben werden, wo das Betreten des Campus in Kleingruppen wieder möglich ist.

Aber immerhin konnten die Intercultural Awareness Sessions in kleinen Gruppen vor Ort stattfinden, mit Abstand und allen Auflagen, die erfüllt werden mussten. So konnten die Incomings wenigstens dieses eine Mal echte Kolleg*innen treffen, und wir sind zuversichtlich, dass sie sich irgendwann im Semester in Lehrveranstaltungen begegnen werden.
Bis dahin heißt es leider: Keep a safe distance from others, stay healthy and safe.

Experiencing Graz in COVID-19 times

My name is Inês and I arrived here in September. Thanks to ESN’s buddy programme and to TU Graz’s orientation sessions I had the opportunity to immediately meet a lot of people and experience new cultures. During this month, I got to know the beautiful city of Graz. I was also able to visit other Austrian cities as well as some of Austria’s many mountains and lakes. Graz is the second biggest Austrian city, being mainly a student city. Famous for the Schlossberg, it is common to see here people from many different countries.

In October the classes started and I experienced different teaching methods. Unfortunately, in December the classes became online, but the professors were already prepared and the rest of the semester went well.

Five months of Erasmus, five months of amazing experiences. During this time, I could not only grow academically but also personally. Getting to know other cultures is a priceless opportunity to learn from each other. It was one of the best experiences of my life!

Inés Araújo Martins da Costa, Erasmus+ exchange student, Universidade de Aveiro, WS 2020


Hello Graz!

I’m Pati! I come from Portugal and arrived in Graz to experience one of the greatest adventures in my life: to live and study in a foreign country…during a PANDEMIC!! What was I thinking, you can ask… I still don’t know, but I’ve only been here for eight days (not that I’m counting them). When I arrived, I had to undergo a quarantine, which was really hard. I used to look outside the window just to try and figure out when my energy would pop out… I could see life, but I wasn’t feeling it yet.
And then…THE DAY arrived!
I could go out and get to know the city of Graz and the city offered me the greatest present: SNOW! What a beautiful scenario! Can you imagine the happiness inside my heart? Everything covered in white: the buildings, the trees, the gardens… it really did something for me, it was as if the city was saying: Hi Pati, welcome to your new home! I will be here for you; will you be here for me? - and I answered - Yes! I’m ready to be a part of this city, let’s give it some energy and be a part of this magical landscape, of this new home.
Hello Graz!

Ana Patricia  Silva Varao Moreira, Erasmus+ exchange student, Universidade do Porto, SS 2021

My semester abroad at TU Graz despite corona

Architecture student Lisa Schmidt came to Graz from TU Berlin as an Erasmus+ student. In her blogpost she writes about what it's like to study abroad in the time of corona, specifically at TU Graz.

Click below to read the full “Talking About” Article where Lisa talks about the reason why she has decided to do her exchange at TU Graz, how COVID-19 influenced her exchange and what she learned during her time in Graz. 

Talking About Article: My semester abroad at TU Graz despite Corona

Lisa Schmidt, Erasmus+ exchange student, TU Berlin, WS 2020

An amazing exchange with a lot of adventures

My exchange journey began a year ago within the Erasmus+ ICM programme and continues until today. My whole stay had a lot of adventures for me!

Honestly, I have never heard about Graz before, but I immediately fell in love with this city as soon as I arrived! I started my exchange in a time, where nobody has heard about the virus: we had a lot of parties, planned trips over the semester… But everything was canceled in March 2020… These memories about crazy days still make me happy every time!

When my first semester was over, I was able to prolong my stay in Graz within the bilateral exchange program overSEAs.

In the winter semester 2020 I had some wonderful classes and a magnificent Studio in Building and Energy Institute (unfortunately only in a digital way), found a job and improved my German skills. My last semester in TU Graz, which I will spend as an intern student in a commercial firm, is soon starting. And hopefully it will be just a next stage in my relationship with this beautiful city!

Ivan Dmitriev, overSEAs and E+ ICM exchange student, Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University, SS20 – SS21 

Recap of a turbulent exchange semester

The winter semester 2020-21 is soon coming to an end. It has been a turbulent semester with distance learning and many restrictions due to COVID-19. Despite these challenges around 100 exchange students decided to start and complete their exchange semester at TU Graz. It was great to see some of our exchange students again at the online farewell session and to recap this semester.

Especially the first 1-2 months from September to October with fewer restrictions were precious because students could get to know each other during various Welcome Events in small groups and make friends for the whole semester. The months from November to January were defined by COVID-19 regulations and more distance learning. However, the time in Graz was well spent by our students: with a busy and self-organized schedule of courses to complete, small hikes in and around Graz, sportive indoor sessions and some online events organized by the International Office.

We are happy that we could support you along your exchange journey and we wish all our exchange students who go back home all the best for their future!

Walking through Graz in the time of Corona

December 16, 2020

Hi to all! The opportunity I was given to be an exchange student in Graz is invaluable!  Even at the time of the virus.  The opportunity to get to know the cultural city and learn what I love was really something for which I am grateful. Due to the introduced measures, there was a possibility of socializing only with people from the same household, so the limitations affected the society, so walking and socializing with roommates is certainly great.  The first week as I came my goal was to see the famous Schlossberg, it is really an amazing place to visit as well as the view of the city from it.  There was no lockdown during that period, so I took the opportunity to visit the museum as well.  What thrilled me after a month was a visit to Eggenberg Castle. The castle preserves a historical story, and its surroundings are the most beautiful.  The nature is beautiful in Graz and it definitely makes the weather easier during this period.  Every part of Graz can be experienced by walking and it is easier to overcome the measures, which is why I would always choose to spend that period in Graz, in the city of students. If not a walk, then run.

Dragana Kovačević, CEEPUS exchange student, University of Novi Sad, Serbia, WS 2020

Wir feierten die #ErasmusDays2020

20. Oktober 2020

Das International Office - Welcome Center der Technischen Universität Graz präsentiert stolz das erste von drei Videos, das zur Feier der #ErasmusDays2020 gedreht wurde. Da dieses Jahr anders als in den letzten Jahren ist und Offline-Aktivitäten nicht möglich sind, haben wir uns entschlossen, Studierende aus ganz Europa, die derzeit an der TU Graz studieren, um ein Interview zu bitten. Die von uns befragten Studierenden sind im September angekommen, ihre Zeit hier in Graz hat also gerade erst begonnen. Sehen Sie selbst, was unsere ankommenden diesjährigen internationalen Studierenden zu erzählen haben. Viel Spaß beim Anschauen und verpassen Sie nicht das zweite Interview! 

YouTube: https://youtu.be/3hl5G2aMdFk

Gerlinde Müller-Reinisch, International Office - Welcome Center 

Incoming Welcome Event: Guided City Tours

23. September 2020

Das heurige Wintersemester startete für unsere knapp 100 incoming Studierenden etwas anders als sonst. Die Orientation Sessions fanden aufgrund der herrschenden Pandemie nur online statt. Damit die neuen internationalen Studierenden nicht nur vor ihren Bildschirmen sitzen, haben wir in Kleingruppen Stadtführungen organisiert. Wir trafen die Studierenden vor dem Hauptgebäude auf dem Campus der Alten Technik.

Hier erhielten sie einen nützlichen Willkommensgruß: einen Mund-Nasen-Schutz und eine kleine österreichische Süßigkeit. Mit viel Information, nicht nur über das Studium an der TU und das Leben in Graz an sich, sondern auch über das Verhalten zu COVID-19 Zeiten entließen wir die Studierenden, um die Altstadt in Graz zu erkunden.

Online Orientation Sessions

11. September 2020

Die letzten drei Tage hielten wir unsere Orientation Sessions  für Austauschstudenten ab. Aufgrund von COVID-19 haben wir unsere Welcome Events neu strukturiert und die Sessions online abgehalten: egal, ob bereits Studierende angereist sind oder in Kürze anreisen werden, jeder hatte die Möglichkeit teilzunehmen und wertvolle Informationen über die TU Graz, Anmeldungsangelegenheiten und das Leben in Graz/Österreich, die österreichische Kultur und die kulturelle Anpassung zu erhalten, um gut auf den Austausch an der TU Graz vorbereitet zu sein. In kleinen Break-out-Räumen sprachen wir auch darüber, was alle von zu Hause mitgebracht haben und welche Erwartungen die Studierenden an Österreich haben.

Da jedoch soziale Interaktion ein wesentlicher Bestandteil eines Austauschaufenthaltes ist, haben wir auch Aktivitäten vor Ort in kleinen Gruppen geplant, damit die Studierenden sich kennen lernen und neue Freundschaften schließen können.

Einen Überblick über unsere Orientierungsveranstaltungen finden Sie auch in der Rubrik Welcome Events.

Starting the exchange in solitude

When you start thinking about exchange studies in a foreign country, chances are probably high that you envision meeting an almost absurd number of new people and forming friendships to be remembered fondly in the years to come. Likewise, chances are probably low that you envision yourself lonely in a large apartment and thanking the gods that your mother suggested you bring some toilet paper. Whilst improbable was this exactly what happened to me upon my arrival in Graz and the bad guy of this story is, not that surprisingly, the current pandemic. As the customs demand, this story also has a hero and it happens to be the team of the international office. They, together with ESN, ordered it so that a local student picked up the key to my dormitory in advance and met me there directly when I arrived and they also provided quarantine support by offering to buy groceries and all other things one might need to have a comfortable self-isolation. Thanks to the warm welcome, the quarantine, and therefore my entire semester here, became possible and I am sure my time in Graz will be well worth a few days in solitude.

Meisingseth Fredrik Emanuel, Erasmus+ exchange student, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, WS 2020

Once-in-a-lifetime experience

I heard about the opportunity to do research/study abroad in Austria in early February, so I decided to apply for the program hoping to travel, meet new people, and expand my knowledge. To my surprise, I was accepted into the program in April. Unfortunately, before I realized it, COVID-19 already caused travel restrictions. However, I am grateful to receive tremendous support from both program’s coordinators, as they helped make my participation possible via an online research stay. I am also thankful that the research team that I assisted online allowed me to explore their work and expertise. I am glad that I learned various concepts and tools along the way. There were undoubtedly challenging times during the experience where I ran into problems but tried to figure them out on my own. Most of the time I was able to solve them only to realize I might have complicated the work. Nevertheless, they were momentous in representing both my strength and weakness. As I continue my study, I hope to improve my drawback by taking more initiative to reach out for help. On a final note, I would like to thank everyone who had supported and given me tips and advice. It is a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Vo Thien Tri Pham, online overSEAs research stay, University of Kansas, USA, SS 2020

My quarantine in Graz

As a foreign student I arrived here in the 2nd of February and thanks to the wonderful arrangement of the orientation, I got used to living and studying here soon and fell in love with this lovely city. By hearing that the whole semester will be online, I was really sad and this bad mood lasted for a week. Actually, I chose Austria as my destination of the exchange semester mainly cause of the wonderful music. Thus Lena and Gitte, these two warm-hearted ladies from the International Office, lent me a violin, with which I can play my favorite songs and found my inner peace. After the cure of the music, the sad feelings went away. I began to think things positively; for instance, due to online classes I didn`t need to commute and I could study more efficiently. And with the help of the platform Tube I could easily gain access to my courses, such as Computional Intelligence (really useful) and Machine Learning. At last I give my best regards to the Austrian government, who reacted in time. Thank you!
Chen Wentao, OverSEAS exchange student, Tongji University, China, SS 2020

My experience in Graz during the coronavirus pandemic

During February, I was able to enjoy the city and learn a bit about the language and culture before the beginning of the classes, in March. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 arrived in the country, the government closed all universities. TU and the team of the International Office were incredible with the support for us all, giving the information that we need and helping us with any of our need.

The courses started online and didn’t take too long for all the professors, and students, to adapt themselves with the new “working conditions”. It wasn´t everything perfect, but we all made our best, being comprehensives with one or another technical problems with the internet connection, etc.

Despite the loneliness I focused on doing my best with what I had at hand. I learn a lot with my courses, with myself.  Besides my classes, I spent a lot of time in the park in front my flat, reading, seeing the season change and Graz become greener. Now, the city is opening again and I can’t wait to see and explore more Graz.
Giovana Muniz de Carvalho, OverSEAs exchange student, Universidade Presbiteriana Mackenzie, Brazil, SS 2020

Being an exchange student at TU Graz in times of COVID-19

Hello everyone! Grüβ Gott! My name is Pablo Guerrero Alvarado, an international student at TU Graz. How to start? Well, I come from Mexico City. This was my first time in Europe. My plans were to visit lots of places, to fill my mind and soul with the European culture as well as to expand my social network around the world and acquire knowledge of a different way of studying engineering. COVID-19 appeared suddenly and the face-to-face classes became recorded video sessions without giving the option of posing questions and getting immediately the proper answers. Everything turned upside down.

By focusing on improving my German language skills using different methods, creating exercise routines and improving my cooking skills, quarantine made me realize, that we can’t continue being normal, we need to change, we need to push ourselves to get better. We need to grow-up!

Austria was the best country to pass quarantine. And with no doubt, I will return. I promise!
Pablo Guerrero Alvarado, ISEP exchange student, Universidad La Salle,Mexico, SS 2020

Life as an American in Graz

When you Google search "Graz, Austria," you see things like "Cultural Capital of Europe!" and "Culinary Capital of Europe!" However, for some reason, they don't mention how sweet and welcoming the city is. The first thing that should come up is how quaint and magical the capital city of Styria is, tucked away and surrounded by mountains. One important aspect of Graz, and of Austria as a whole, is the aspect of trust. People of Graz are so trusting of the others around them. Dogs walk without a leash. People leave bags and bikes unattended.
The work environment is also relaxed, non-stressful, yet extremely effective at the same time. The laboratory that I worked in has over 100 publications of amazing advanced chemistry papers, yet I never felt any stress or pressure being there. I truly enjoyed my work, and without even realizing it, I had a plethora of results. They just don't let themselves get overwhelmed. Maybe I can bring this stress-free lifestyle back with me? Or is it just an Austrian thing?
Enjoy yourself and the beautiful simplicity that is Graz. Tschüss!
Nori Zaccheo, Summer Programme, Syracuse University, USA, Summer 2019

Exchange at TU Graz - the best experience of my life

“My semester abroad in Graz was hands down the best experience of my life. Graz is a beautiful city and a paradise for students. It took careful planning to ensure that I chose the right courses, but it was all more than worth it.

What I really liked about studying at TU Graz was that I was able to take Master’s courses on interesting topics even though I was only a Bachelor’s student. In my Master’s courses, the professors were extremely friendly and accommodating!

As for my social life in Graz, I had no problem making friends. There is a great network for international students in Graz called ESN, which organized trips and club nights for foreign students practically every week.

Lastly, Austria as a whole is a great place to live and to visit. Almost all Austrians speak good English and cause of the location I was able to travel cheaply by bus to Croatia, Slovenia, Italy and Germany during my stay here.

Long story short, you should come study at TU Graz. It will be the time of your life!
Frieda Wells, OverSEAs student, University of Calgary, Canada, SS 2019