We are very grateful for all the people contributing to the success of CyVerse Austria!

Graz University of Technology

Project leader

Stefanie Lindstaedt is the Head of the Institute for Interactive Systems & Data Science (ISDS) at Graz University of Technology and CEO of Know-Center (www.know-center.at), Austria‘s leading Research Center for Data-driven business and Big Data Analytics. Stefanie earned her habilitation in Computer Science from Graz University of Technology (Austria), where she has been teaching undergraduate and graduate courses since 2002. She holds an M.S. and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Colorado at Boulder (USA).  She has a strong background in computer science, especially artificial intelligence. Her research focus is the integration of data-driven approaches (e.g., machine learning, neural networks) with knowledge-based models (e.g., ontologies, engineering models) and human computer interaction. 

Project Management

David Garcia de Marina Llorente is a senior project manager at Know-Center GmbH with nineteen years of experience in multiple sectors. He has a demonstrated capacity to deliver data-driven and technology initiatives across varied geographical and functional areas. David is able to identify and drive mid-to-long term opportunities, utilising a technical understanding of varying systems and applying business common sense in order to transform operating models. He has obtained multiple academic accreditations in engineering, project management and strategy. His excellent interpersonal and negotiating skills help him to manage board-level relationships, to foster effective communication between stakeholders and to lead and train interdisciplinary teams. David is passionate about implementing technology and data-driven approaches.

Technical Expert

Konrad Lang is a project assistant in the Open and Reproducible Research Group (ORRG) at Graz University of Technology. In his role he is involved in the development and deployment of services for various aspects of RDM. He has a Dipl.-Ing. (MSc) in Computer Science from the University of Salzburg. Before joining the ORRG, Konrad was involved in a variety of projects at Know-Center with a focus on data management.

Technical Infrastructure

Manfred Stepponat is the head of the Central IT Service.  He has been working at Graz University of Technology since 2000. He completed his education as a physicist in Hamburg, where he also received his doctorate in natural sciences.

Data Stewardship

Sarah Stryeck is a post-doctoral researcher in the Open and Reproducible Research Group (ORRG) at Graz University of Technology. As project researcher in data stewardship, she is involved in the conception and development of services and policies for research data management. Sarah has a PhD in biochemistry (Medical University of Graz, 2019) and, before joining the ORRG, she was involved in a variety of projects in the field of integrated structural biology and metabolism research.

University of Graz

Technical Expert

Ursula Winkler is Dr. in natural sciences (computational QFT). Since 2008 she is mainly engaged with technical and user support concerning HPC/BigData business of the University of Graz.

Medical University of Graz

Project Management

Andrea Groselj-Strele is the Managing Director of the Core Facility Computational Bioanalytics at Medical University of Graz and the 2nd Deputy Head of the Center for Medical Research. Andrea holds a MSc and a PhD in natural sciences from the University of Graz. She has been working at the Center for Medical Research since 2004. Andrea is responsible for the strategic development of her Core Facility, for the identification of user demands, for method development and implementation, project acquisition and as well for the communication and collaboration with research partners.

Technical Expert

Slave Trajanoski works as senior scientist at the Center for medical research of the Medical University Graz. He is responsible for the new HPC infrastructure MedBioNode used in the life science research of the university. His main expertise lies in Microbiome data analysis, as well as metagenomics, transcriptomics and other omics technologies with NGS data. He is also certified Carpentries instructor and provids trainings and courses in data analysis using different tools and platforms. MedBioNode houses one Galaxy instance (https://galaxy.medunigraz.at), very well-known web-based platform for data intensive biomedical research, which is also integrated in CyVerse Austria, where Dr. Trajanoski caries the responsibility and administration tasks.

Richard Hohensinner

Richard is currently doing his Master's studies in Software Engineering and Management. In our team, Richard is working on the CAT platform as a DevOps. One of his main projects is the implementation of electronic labnotebooks (eLabFTW). In this project, Richard enables CAT users to connect their documentation of lab research with the underlying iRODS-based research data management function of CAT. This means that the documentation is not isolated, but will be integrated with the datasets as well as the data analyses performed in CAT.

In case you are interested in using electronic labnotebooks as a Powered by CAT tool, please contact us.