• Automated Driving

    The work group Driver Assistance, Driving Dynamics, Chassis focusses on the complex relationship between driver, vehicle and environment, allowing for fascinating, interdisciplinary research in an area that continues to increase in importance - not only for technology but also for society as a whole. Read more ...

    The vision of a self-driving car is here.

    © TU Graz / Lunghammer

  • FSI Annual Project Meeting 2017

    In May 2017 at the FSI Annual Project Meeting the project partners Magna and TU Graz came together. All participants took the chance for interesting discussions and to deepen the cooperation. Apart from talks more than 20 Posters were presented. Pictures...

    Photo: ©  TU Graz / FSI

  • The Dynamic Factory of the Future

    Agile production aims for production companies responding better to market fluctuations. Agility is a strategic property of companies to adapt proactively to external and internal changes. Thus the PSM started together with MAGNA a three-year research project on the agile production in Industry 4.0. Graduate and doctoral students are involved in this project led by Christian Rabitsch. Read more...

  • Das war der FSI Recruiting Day 2017

    Über 100 Studierende nutzten im Jänner 2017 die Chance mit Vertretern namhafter Firmen - Magna, AVL, Miba, Mahle, Ventrex -,  dem Career Info-Service der TU Graz und der IAESTE über Jobs und Praktika im In- und Ausland zu sprechen. Kostenloser CV-Check und Bewerbungsfoto-Shooting mit der Kleinen Zeitung fanden großen Anklang. Bilder

    Photo: ©  TU Graz / FSI

  • Activity Report 2016

    The year 2016 has once again highlighted the outcomes and achievements of the successful partnership between the automotive supplier Magna and Graz University of Technology.

    Have a look at the Activity Report 2016.

  • A Hot Research Topic

    FSI researchers strike new innovative paths to material heating: In the lab, there is already a prototype of an induction furnace for the automotive industry. From kitchen to industry: the induction method - as applied in a kitchen induction stove - where energy is transferred as an alternating electromagnetic field and converted into heat. Read more...
    Photo: ©  TU Graz / Helmut Lunghammer