• Gastvortrag Corinna Bath

    Prof. Dr.-Ing. Corinna Bath schloß mit dem Vortrag „Innovation in der Fahrzeugentwicklung: Partizipatives Design und Vielfaltsperspektiven“ die interfakultäre internationale Gastprofessur „Gender & Technik“ an der TU Graz ab. Rektor Kainz eröffnete die Veranstaltung und leitete die Diskussion im Anschluss. Fotos der Veranstaltung

    Photo: ©  TU Graz / fotogenia

  • Das war der FSI Recruiting Day 2017

    Über 100 Studierende nutzten im Jänner 2017 die Chance mit Vertretern namhafter Firmen - Magna, AVL, Miba, Mahle, Ventrex -,  dem Career Info-Service der TU Graz und der IAESTE über Jobs und Praktika im In- und Ausland zu sprechen. Kostenloser CV-Check und Bewerbungsfoto-Shooting mit der Kleinen Zeitung fanden großen Anklang. Bilder

    Photo: ©  TU Graz / FSI

  • The Urban Origami Car

    Nowadays, individual mobility is crucial for everyone. Thus, Helmut Brunner has invented an Origami e-car - the smart Origami Sportster - as part of his diploma thesis at the FSI. This foldable electric car could help avoiding gridlock in the city. Read more...

    Size does matter - smart city vehicles should be eco-friendly and small.

    © TU Graz / Mario Hirz

  • The Dynamic Factory of the Future

    Agile production aims for production companies responding better to market fluctuations. Agility is a strategic property of companies to adapt proactively to external and internal changes. Thus the PSM started together with MAGNA a three-year research project on the agile production in Industry 4.0. Graduate and doctoral students are involved in this project led by Christian Rabitsch. Read more...

  • A Hot Research Topic

    FSI researchers strike new innovative paths to material heating: In the lab, there is already a prototype of an induction furnace for the automotive industry. From kitchen to industry: the induction method - as applied in a kitchen induction stove - where energy is transferred as an alternating electromagnetic field and converted into heat. Read more...
    Photo: ©  TU Graz / Helmut Lunghammer