Flugsimulation/Flight Simulation/Projects

Open flightmaps - aeronautical data under a public license

The mission of the project is to develop and maintain a universal database of aeronautical data, in order to facilitate the rendering of high quality VFR maps to assist the general aviation community. As the name suggests, a key part of the project is that it is an open source project which coordinates the work of a large community of volunteer contributors.  The open flightmaps association (OFMA) grants the user, under the OFMA General Users´ License a worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive license to use the data contained in the OFM Database, provided you abide by the conditions of the license.

2015, Oliver Vorderegger


Aircraft Separation System in uncontrolled airspace including human factors

Aim of this project is to validate new traffic display variants for VFR pilots. Given GPS coordinates and heading of the approaching era of ADSB-equipped aircraft, it is possible to improve existing systems in terms of accuracy and depiction of a potential hazardous aircraft on a display. These are enveloped by a novel protection zone, whose geometry will alter depending on aircraft performance. Testing will determine feasible symbology used on the display which keeps pilot workload at a minimum. In addition, an algorithm for automatic evasion will be presented.

2015, Thomas Haberkorn


Project ELFlight

ELFlight is a research project focused on the implementation and evaluation of new methods and media for training anticipative flight strategies. The effects of the new methods will be evaluated with flight students of both genders in a network of simulators and in real flight. Additionally, the project implements and evaluates mentoring programs for flight students with participation of commercial pilots, both women and men. The results will be used to assure that aviation education is able to motivate and serve the aviation students’ learning style needs and to make sure that the aviation taps all the potential talent available.

2014, Reinhard Braunstingl, Ioana Koglbauer, Thomas Haberkorn

Atmosphere Model for Flight Simulation

The Atmosphere Model is a software component to be integrated in flight simulators. It allows the simulation of a realistic and adjustable atmosphere. The Atmosphere Model shall be implemented and tested in the reasearch flight simulator at Graz University of Technology.

2012, Kerem Özge


FEMflight - Gender Diversity in General Aviation Cockpit Design

The idea of FEMflight was to explicitly perform cockpit usability and acceptance tests with pilots of both genders and to optimize the new cockpit system with pilots` feedback.Cooperation Partner: Brightline Avionics, Kalsdorf bei Graz.

2011, Reinhard Braunstingl, Klaus Frühwirth, Ioana Koglbauer, Erich Grubmüller, Siegfried Lösch


APTEM - Anticipative processes in threat and error management by VFR pilots

Psychophysiological evaluation during real and simulated flight tests (performance, workload, skin conductance level, amplitude of skin conductance reactions, frequency of non-specific electrodermal response, heart rate, heart rate variability)Cooperation Partners: Institute of Psychology, Karl-Franzens University and AMT Aircraft.

2009, Reinhard Braunstingl, Wolfgang Kallus, Ioana Koglbauer, Claudia Vogrincic, Boris Prehofer, Karoline Wurmitzer, Marlies Jaklitsch