Research Fields

Business Model Management

In recent years, business models as well as the innovation or change of the business model have been of increased interest to practitioners and academics alike. Steady changes in the market render existing business models obsolete. To stay successful in the long term, the company needs to continually review its current business model and build capabilities in doing so.

The Institute focuses thereby especially in technology oriented business models and their management. On the one side, the research incorporates the innovation of existing business models of companies in technology oriented branches due to internal and environmental developments (e.g. rising digitalization). On the other side, the Institute investigates in the development of complete new business models (e.g. start-ups).


In this research field we focus on the characteristics of "entrepreneurial" management. We analyze and discuss means and methods that help to build a successful start-up: business plans, strategic positioning, selection of business models, financing, marketing, and intellectual property rights. Beside the focus on start-ups we seek to understand in general how opportunities to bring into existence "future" goods and services are discovered, created, and exploited, by whom, and with what consequences. This perspective includes young and incumbent firms as well as intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs. As researchers we approach the subject using different perspectives, theories and methods.

Technology Management

For many firms technology represents a major source of competitive advantage. The successful management of technology is therefore an important sub-area of corporate management. It comprises activities and processes to identify, plan, develop, realize and control technologies. Within our research we are concerned with the practical realization of technology management activities and the organizational aspects of technology management. We also aim to integrate the topic into our other two research fields, i.e. the role of new technologies in new business models and technology entrepreneurship.


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