Pictures of the Month 2007

Oil visualization of the AIDA duct.
<b>December 2007</b>
Cooperation with the Institute of Fluid Mechanics and Heat Transfer / TU Graz on non-newtonian fluids.
<b>November 2007</b>
Thomas Leitgeb (left) and Andreas Lang (right) performing Dual Laser Vibrometer measurements at the DLR in Cologne.
<b>October 2007</b>
Dr. Fabrice Giuliani posing with a present from his colleagues after his wife gave birth to their first child.
<b>September 2007</b>
Cornelia Santner performing laser-optical investigations of separated diffusing flows within the project AIDA
<b>August 2007</b>
Annual institute's barbecue
<b>July 2007</b>
Pressure gradient at mid span of the AIDA stage - a URANS simulation
<b>June 2007</b>
Mr. Göttlich, Mr. Paradiso, Mr. Schennach and Mr. Marn at the ASME conference in Montreal 2007
<b>May 2007</b>
Mounted VITAL stage
<b>April 2007</b>
Balancing the VITAL runner at MAN - Oberhausen, Germany
<b>March 2007</b>
Mr. Berardo Paradiso, visiting scientist from Politecnico Milano, and Mr. Oliver Schennach from TU Graz, while performing transonic-turbine clocking experiments in carnival time.
<b>February 2007</b>
Informal meeting of the European project VITAL with staff members of DLR, MTU and EADS in Graz, 06
<b>January 2007</b>