4th FoE Day Human & Biotechnology October 2019

The 4th FoE Day of Human & Biotechnology brings together researchers from these two main disciplines as well as two keynote speakers.

Date: 28th October 2019
Venue: HS E3.1, Petersgasse 10-12

Tentative Schedule:

13:00 get together: coffee

14:00 Welcome & Introduction
14:10 Theresa Rienmüller (Institute of Health Care Engineering): Light-controlled OrGanic semicOnductor implantS for improved regeneration after Traumatic Brain Injury -- First results
14:25 Ivana Drienovska (Institute of Molecular Biotechnology): Expanding the enzyme universe with unnatural amino acids
14:40 Erich Leitner (Institute of Analytical Chemistry and Food Chemistry): Food quality: analytical and safety considerations
14:55 Gerhard Sommer (Institute of Biomechanics): Biomechanical investigation of the human ventricular myocardium

15:10 Coffee Break & Posters

15:40 Gustav Oberdorfer (Institute of Biochemistry): Proteins made to order: computational design of alpha-helical barrels and pore-like assemblies with custom geometries
15:55 Stephan Spann (Institute of Medical Engineering): New Horizons for Arterial Spin Labelling – MRI Encoding Meets Information Technology
16:10 Robert Kourist (Institute of Molecular Biotechnology): Catalytic mechanisms and applications of oxidoreductases - the CATALOX PhD training network
16:25 Andreea Sburlea (Institute of Neural Engineering): Relating neural, muscle and kinematic representations of grasping with categorical models during movement execution and observation

16:40 Keynote: Florian Wiesinger (Principal Scientist, GE Healthcare, Munich und Visiting Professor, Kings College London): Silent, Zero TE MR imaging: Enlightening the Invisible

17:25 Keynote: Peter Seufer-Wasserthal (Chief Business Officer at Origenis GmbH; Germany): The best project and how to get there? Examples from products made by fermentation.

18:15 get together


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Date & Venue

October 28th, 2019

2:00 p.m. to 6:15 p.m.

HS E3.1, Petersgasse 10-12