The CYBATHLON BCI Series 2019 event is organised by the organising committee of the Institute of Neural Engineering, Graz University of Technology in cooperation with administrative departments of Graz University of Technology. The CYBATHLON BCI Series 2019 will take place at Graz University of Technology, Graz, Austria, on September 17, 2019.

To offer technology developers and researchers the opportunity to showcase their research and development, the CYBATHLON BCI Series 2019 is connected with the "8th Graz Brain-Computer Interface Conference 2019". There, teams have the possibility to present their technologies and methods to the whole BCI community. A specific poster session is planned and selected teams can have a talk in the general conference session. The BCI Race will follow the rules of the CYBATHLON 2020.

Team Registration and Pilot Registration are open!

Team Registration Information

Only teams can register for participation in the CYBATHLON BCI Series 2019. A team consists of a technology provider (at least one person from a research laboratory or company, or a private individual) and at least one pilot (person with a physical disability). The following roles define a team:

Team manager Responsible for the team participation in a specific discipline.
PilotPerson with disability participating in a discipline.
Backup pilotA backup pilot takes the role of the pilot if the pilot drops out or withdraws the participation.
Care personA care person (also caregiver or carer) is a member of the pilot’s social network helping with activities of daily living.
Support person(s)Supports the team, e.g. technical support, communication, etc.


The main responsible person for the team is the person who takes responsibility for the team and who will guarantee for the statements which this person signs. If the main responsible person is also present at CYBATHLON BCI Series 2019 as a team official, she/he needs to be a registered, e.g. as a team manager, pilot or support person. However, it is not mandatory for the main responsible person to be present at CYBATHLON BCI Series 2019.

The total number of pilots eligible is limited to sixteen:

  • Registrants will be eligible on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Two wildcards are kept by the BCI Series 2019 organisers and awarded to teams of special interest (no later than May 31, 2019).
  • Graz University of Technology takes one starting slot.

If one of the following situation occurs, the team will be put on the waiting list:

  • 3 starting slots in the respective discipline have been given to teams of the same country (rule expires on May 31, 2018).
  • 1 starting slot has already been given to the same institution or company (rule expires on May 31, 2019)


To register for participation in a discipline of CYBATHLON BCI Series 2019, payment of a fee is required. The fee needs to be paid within 14 days after acceptance of this form; otherwise, the starting slot will be given to a team on the waiting list. If the registration is withdrawn until the withdrawal deadline (see Important Dates), half of the fee will be reimbursed.

The registration fee includes     
  • 1 starting slot
  • Registration to CYBATHLON BCI Series 2019 for:
    • Team manager
    • Pilot (incl. care person)
    • Backup pilot (incl. care person)
  • Safety review process of device (TecCheck) and pilot (MedCheck)
  • CYBATHLON hotel shuttle service for pilot, backup pilot and team manager (if travelling with the pilot)
  • Medical and infrastructural support (incl. team locker room)
  • CYBATHLON promotional activities to introduce the team (online/print) and connection with media
  • Team accreditation (access to team zone)
  • Meals on the competition days and on the mandatory registration, TecCheck and MedCheck day for the team manager, pilots and care persons
  • Team members receive a reduced fee for the 8th Graz BCI Conference to be held from September 16 to 20, 2019. Teams get the chance to present their system in a scientific way during a specific poster session at the 8th Graz BCI Conference 2019.
EUR 1200.-

Additional support person fee (can be registered at a later stage, see Important Dates) includes - 

  • Team accreditation (access to team zone)
  • Meals on the competition days and on the mandatory registration, TecCheck and MedCheck day
EUR 150.-


Travel funding: Teams from universities and non-profit organisations are invited to apply for travel funding for CYBATHLON BCI Series 2019 (up to EUR 2000 per team). Travel funding will be distributed on a competitive basis. Selection will rely on the quality and maturity of the technology of the device, the potential risks with respect to function and safety, the experience of the technology provider, the geographical origin and the financial possibilities of the teams.

Important Dates

A March 1, 2018 Opening of team registration
B July 1, 2018 Opening of pilot registration
C January 15, 2019 Opening of support person registration
D April 15, 2019 Deadline for submission of completed and acceptable device safety documentation (TecCheck)
Deadline for submission of pilot registration incl. required documents
E May 1, 2019 Deadline for support person registration
F July 1, 2019 Deadline for withdrawing the registration for the starting slot in written form (half of the fee paid back; no fee refund beyond this date)
G September 16, 2019 Mandatory registration, technical check of devices (TecCheck), and medical check of pilot (MedCheck) onsite at the CYBATHLON BCI Series 2019 venue
H September 17, 2019 CYBATHLON BCI Series 2019


Recommended Accommodations

We recommend to use following websites to find accommodations near the competition site:

For teams with wheelchair users and people with limited mobility, we would recommend the following hotels nearby the competition venue during their stay in Graz. Please keep in mind to book a hotel in time as also other events and conferences take place in September.


BCI Race Description

In the BCI Race, pilots use brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) to control avatars in a specially developed computer game. Today’s BCIs can measure brain signals anyway, and there are plans to develop this technology further so that in future it will allow people with quadriplegia to control different kinds of devices, e.g., computers, robotic arms, and wheelchairs. The BCI race will test the reliability and precision of this technology in a virtual game. A computer game was developed for the CYBATHLON allowing pilots to move an avatar through a series of different obstacles with your thoughts.

The pilots participating in the BCI race have complete or severe loss of motor function (i.e. paralysis) at the neck level due to a spinal cord injury (SCI), stroke, neurological disease, or another trauma. Most teams use electroencephalography (EEG) to detect brain signals; however, other methods, such as near infrared spectroscopy (NIRS), are allowed.

Official Trailer


Registration Forms for Download

Team registration form (*.pdf)
Pilot registration form (*.pdf)

Please submit the registration forms via email (printed, signed and scanned):

Team Zone

Here we present participating teams! (will be updated regularly)

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Volunteer Information

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We are looking for enthusiastic students to support us during the CYBATHLON BCI Series 2019 event and the "8th Graz BCI Conference 2019". Volunteers will work to welcome and assist BCI teams, welcome and provide information to the event and conference visitors, assist with the safe and smooth running of the BCI race and other conference-related events, etc. Come along to our INFORMATION EVENT for volunteers to find out more:

When: April 9, 2019
Time: 17:00 - 18:30
Where: HS BMT

You can expect a fun, engaging and informative presentation event. Moreover, there will be refreshments for all attendees! :)

Therefore, please let us know until 02 April 2019, if you are planning on attending the event, so that we can plan our food and beverage orders:
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You can fill out this online form to apply for a volunteering position.

For more information on volunteering at the CYBATHLON BCI Series 2019, please get in touch with the Organising Committee of the Institute of Neural Engineering: 

Phone: +43 316 873 30721

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