Scripts and examinations

  • Scripts: downloadable from the TeachCenter
  • Examinations: Overview of all current examination-dates of the Institute (TUGRAZonline)

Laboratory guidelines

Each person who is going to work in one of our laboratories has to read and follow the associated rules:

WLAN at the Institute

There are 3 WLANs available in most of our areas:

encrypted, all services supported;
Login: TUGonline-username and network access password

supported on most universities; and network access password

not encrypted! Only some basic services like HTTP(S), (S-)POP and (S-)IMAP are supported; for external connections you will be redirected to a login-page, where you have to enter your access-data; via an VPN-client all connections will be encrypted and you can use all kind of network-services;

Vistit these webpages for all details:
Wireless LAN in TUGnet
802.1x at TU Graz

Screen on CUDA-PC

How to create stable terminal-sessions to our CUDA-PCs. A tutorial by Stefan Kroboth.

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