Biotechnological production of chemicals using enzymes coupled with the photosynthesis of microalgae is the topic of the new EU project PhotoBioCat. IMBT is the project coordinator and collaborates with 6 universities to create a European Joint Doctorate Program.

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The EU-funded FuturoLEAF project will combine the concept of a functional architecture from nanocellulose building blocks with the anatomy and functions designed on the principles of plant leaf anatomy to create a new algal-based biocatalyst technology efficient in capturing CO2 and producing solar-driven biofuels and chemicals. Maximising light utilisation, CO2 capturing and easing of logistical transportation of cell factories will enable high catalytic turnover time.

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Haus der Biokatalyse - 2015

The IMBT hosts two research groups:

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Institute of Molecular Biotechnology

Petersgasse 14
8010 Graz 

Eva-Maria Wochinz-Hubmann
Sprechstunde: Di-Do 9:00-11:00
Tel.: +43 316 873 4072

Daniela Lerchegger
Sprechstunde: Mi-Do 9:00-11:00
Tel.: +43 316 873 4073