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Welcome to the Institute of Theoretical Computer Science at TU Graz

The Institute of Theoretical Computer Science was founded in 1992 to investigate fundamental problems in information processing such as the design of computer algorithms, the complexity of computations and computational models, automated knowledge acquisition (machine learning), the complexity of learning algorithms, pattern recognition with artificial neural networks, computational geometry, and information processing in biological neural systems.

Its research integrates methods from mathematics, computer science and computational neuroscience.

In education this institute is responsible for courses and seminars that introduce students into the basic techniques and results of theoretical computer science. In addition it offers advanced courses, seminars and applied computer projects in computational geometry, computational complexity theory, machine learning, and neural networks.


Feb. 2019: PhD position available in Learning in Spiking Neural Networks (call closed).

Jan. 2019: Our new paper discusses possibilities how powerful learning algorithms could be implemented in biological neuronal networks. Bellec, Scherr, et al., Biologically inspired alternatives to backpropagation through time for learning in recurrent neural nets. ArXiv 2019.

Dec. 2018: Prof. Robert Legenstein and Prof. Wolfgang Maass at the founding ceremony of the ELLIS society. ELLIS is an initiative of European scientists to establish a European Lab for Learning & Intelligent Systems (ELLIS open letter). more...

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Institute of Theoretical Computer Science
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Assoc. Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn. Robert Legenstein