SIPAS: Exploration in information management systems, position filtering and activity recognition for elderly people

 The feasibility study SIPAS investigated the realizability of an information management system for confidants to preserve or respectively improve the mobility and security of elderly and cared people. Therefore, different methods and algorithms for the positioning and activity recognition especially for the application with elderly people were investigated and adapted. Additionally, the acceptance of elderly people concerning the use of off-the-shelf devices was proofed (regarding safety applications).

Schematic illustration of the project concept showing the interaction between the smartwatch and the information system
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This project was funded by the Austrian Promotion Agency (FFG) within the programme line "Benefit".


Hafner, P.; Moder, T.; Wisiol, K.; Wieser, M.:
3D Indoor Positioning with Pedestrian Dead Reckoning and Activity Recognition Based on Bayes Filtering - in: International Conference on Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation (IPIN). Busan, 29.10.2014

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