LOBSTER: Location Based Services für Menschenstromanalyse in Notfall- und Krisensituationen zur Unterstützung von Ersthelfern

Within the project LOBSTER, a system for analysing escaping groups of people in crisis situations in public buildings (e.g. hospitals, shopping centers, airports, etc.) was developed. For the localisation and the analysis of the activities of the escaping groups of people, the positioning technologies GNSS, WLAN, and MEMS of common smart phones are used. The determined positions are transmitted to the LOBSTER server in case of distress. In the server these data are used in combination with building layouts and mathematical filter technologies to analyse and predict the escape behaviour. The analysis may support first responders in establishing a significantly improved coordination and resource scheduling of the rescue teams. 

Schematic concept of the project showing the interaction between the casualty, the location based service center and the first responder
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This project was funded by the Austrian Promotion Agency (FFG) within the programme line "Austrian security research" (KIRAS).


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Hafner, P.; Moder, T.; Bernoulli, T.; Fösleitner, C.:
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