CrashPos: Single-Frequency RTK for an Advanced Driver Assistance System Test-Bed


In the project CrashPos a demonstrator system was designed, developed and tested to enable realistic and repeatable tests of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) components with the aid of a tailored real-time positioning module. The used platform is especially designed to be overrunable by a car without taking damage. The developed demonstrator is the first ADAS test system based on reasonably priced hardware and positioning components compared to existing commercial systems. The unique dummy platform further emphasizes the specialty of the developed system.

Logo of the project and the prototype of the test platform including a test dummy
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Logo of the Austrian Research Promotion Agency

This project was funded by the Austrian Promotion Agency (FFG) within the Austrian Space Applications Programme (ASAP).


Lesjak, R.; Moder, T.; Wieser, M.; Makkapati, V.P.; Horn, M.; Hermann, S.:
Entwicklung eines ADAS-Testsystems durch Integration von inertialen MEMS Sensoren - in: Positionierung und Navigation für intelligente Transportsysteme (POSNAV). Berlin, 20.11.2014

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