enFaced - Virtual and Augmented Reality Training and Navigation Module for 3D-Printed Facial Defect Reconstructions
Caleydo is an open source visual analysis framework targeted at biomolecular data. The biggest strength of Caleydo is the visualization of interdependencies between multiple datasets.AVOCADO Teaser

ClinicIMPPACT is an European FP7 ICT-Project started on 01.02.2014 with the end on 31.01.2017. The main objective of the project is to bring the existing radio frequency ablation (RFA) model for liver cancer treatment (Project IMPPACT , Grant No. 223877, completed in February 2012) into clinical practice.

MAGELLAN’s overall vision is to enhance the creativity of game designers by establishing a web platform for cost-effectively authoring, publishing, executing, and experiencing location based games. 
Softshell, a novel execution model for devices composed of multiple processing cores operating in a single instruction, multiple data fashion, such as graphics processing units (GPUs).
ScatterAlloc is a dynamic memory allocator for the GPU. It is designed concerning the requirements of massively parallel execution.
Real-Time Self Localization is a project targeting the real-time localization of a mobile phone using vision and sensors.

UFO - User’s Flying Organizer presents information as Augmented Reality (AR) registered to any 3D environment, considering that it commonly relies on Head Mounted Displays (HMD's) or handheld devices, spatial AR is an unencumbered alternative. It considers visual projection techniques, which are able to augment surfaces directly in the environment.
Parallel Processing and GPU Scheduling
AUGUR - The aim of this project is to develop portable measurement tools with in-situ visualization for the construction industry.


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