Medical Imaging & Biometrics Group

Medical Imaging & Biometrics is a work-group doing research in computer vision, image analysis and machine learning algorithms with a focus on two distinct areas of application. First, there already is some tradition at ICG in clinical medical applications involving the development of segmentation, registration and anatomical landmark localization algorithms. Recently, with the close collaboration with the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Clinical Forensic Imaging in Graz, a lot of interest has additionally been put into forensic applications, e.g. forensic age estimation and presentation of forensic evidence from CT/MRI in court. A second application area are biometrics related applications where we contributed in facial image processing, facial pose estimation and fingerprint analysis over the previous years.

Teaching: The Medical Imaging & Biometrics work-group is responsible for teaching the master level course Medical Image Analysis VO+KU, which is currently done by Martin Urschler. Dr. Urschler further teaches one course unit on forensic age estimation in the courses "Einführung in die Forensische Wissenschaften" and "Basiswissen Gerichtsmedizin" at the Medical University of Graz.

Research Topics/Projects: Our main research interests can be found in more detail here.


Martin Urschler, work-group lead

Office: Room E3.10 & LBI-CFI

Research interests: medical computer vision, forensic image analysis

Darko Stern, post doc

Office: E.3.10

Research interests: medical image analysis, machine learning

Christian Payer, PhD candidate

Office: E.3.10

Research interests: vascular structures, deep learning


  • Philipp Kainz, PhD (2016)
  • Kerstin Hammernik, MSc (2015)
  • Thomas Ebner, MSc (2015)
  • Walter Unterpirker, MSc (2015)
  • Fabian Schenk, MSc (2014)
  • Alexander Bornik, PhD (2014)
  • Michael Helmberger MSc (2013)
  • Marc Steiner, MSc (2013)
  • Markus Storer, PhD (2011)
  • Johannes Höller, MSc (2011)
  • Surinder Ram, PhD (2010)
  • Matjaz Divjak, PhD (2009)
  • Christian Bauer, PhD (2009)
  • Matthias Straka, MSc (2009)
  • Sasa Grbic, MSc (2008)
  • Martin Hirzer, MSc (2008)
  • Paul Urthaler, MSc (2008)
  • Stefan Kluckner, MSc (2006)
  • Reinhard Beichel, PhD (2006)