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Learning, Recognition & Surveillance

Learning, Recognition, and Surveillance (LRS) is a work-group focusing on research in machine learning and object recognition, detection & tracking with a major application domain of visual surveillance.

Medical Imaging & Biometrics

Medical Imaging & Biometrics is a work-group doing research in computer vision, image analysis and machine learning algorithms with the focus on two distinct application areas. First, clinical and forensic medical applications using localization, registration and segmentation methods, and second biometrics related applications like facial image processing and fingerprint analysis.

Robot Vision

The Robot Vision Group performs topic-specific research inside the Institute for Computer Graphics and Vision. Headed by Matthias Rüther, the group consists of several Ph.D. and diploma students. Within the fruitful research environment of ICG, we conduct application-driven projects in Optical Metrology, Photogrammetry, Mobile Robotics and Industrial Robotics. Fruitful cooperation with more than 50 company partners allow us to deliver cutting-edge research results, always with a mindset on practical applicability.   


June 2019

We got a paper accepted at ITSC'19. Congratulations to Waltner et al. (Semi-supervised Detector Training with Prototypes for Vehicle Detection)!

May 2019

April 2019

Martin Urschler will serve as an area chair of MICCAI 2019 in October in Shenzhen, China!

March 2019

We got a journal paper accepted at Medical Image Analysis. Congratulations to Payer et al. (Integrating spatial configuration into heatmap regression based CNNs for landmark localization)!

November 2018

We'll be presenting one paper at AVSS'18 and two papers at WACV'19 - congratulations to Ertler et al. (An Intent-based Automated Traffic Light for Pedestrians), Poier et al. (MURAUER: Mapping Unlabeled Real Data for Label AUstERity) and Waltner et al. (HiBsteR: Hierarchical Boosted Deep Metric Learning for Image Retrieval)!

July 2018

We got a paper accepted at ITSC'18. Congratulations to Waltner et al. (Deep 2.5D Vehicle Classification with Sparse SfM Depth Prior for Automated Toll Systems)!

May 2018

We got one paper accepted for oral presentation (4% acceptance rate) at MICCAI '18 in Granada - congratulations to Payer et al. (Instance Segmentation and Tracking with Cosine Embeddings and Recurrent Hourglass Networks)!

Apr 2018

Horst Possegger finished his PhD thesis on Contextual Cues for Causal Visual Tracking!

Mar 2018

We got one paper accepted at CVPR in Salt Lake City - congratulations to Poier et al. (Learning Pose Specific Representations by Predicting Different Views)!

Feb 2018

Together with the Institute for Medical Engineering, we have studied an important practical aspect of our multi-factorial age estimation research, i.e. accelerating MRI data acquisition (Reducing acquisition time for MRI-based forensic age estimation)!

Nov 2017

We have finished among the Top 10 of the Pediatric Bone Age Estimation Challenge 2017 (around 40 contestants), organized by the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA)! (Link to Results page)

Gernot Riegler finished his PhD thesis on Deep Learning for 2.5D and 3D!

Thomas Mauthner finished his PhD thesis on Learning Activity Recognition from Weakly Labeled Data!

Oct 2017

We got one high rank journal paper accepted in Medical Image Analysis: Urschler M, Ebner T, Stern D. Integrating geometric configuration and appearance information into a unified framework for anatomical landmark localization!

Sep 2017

We have won the MICCAI Multi-Modality Whole Heart Segmentation (MM-WHS) Challenge 2017 in Quebec City, Canada, and besides the NVIDIA Titan graphics card we also received the Best Paper Award for our publication Payer C, Stern D, Bischof H, Urschler M: Multi-Label Whole Heart Segmentation Using CNNs and Anatomical Label Configuration!

July 2017

We got one paper accepted for oral presentation at ICCV in Venice - congratulations to Opitz et al. (BIER - Boosting Independent Ensembles Robustly)!

May 2017

Congratulations to Neff T, Payer C, Stern D, Urschler M for winning the Best Paper Award at the OAGM/AAPR Workshop 2017! (Generative Adversarial Network based Synthesis for Supervised Medical Image Segmentation)

August 2016

We got one paper accepted at ACCV in Taipei! Congratulations to Opitz et al. (Efficient Model Averaging for Deep Neural Networks).

July 2016

We got one paper accepted at ECCV in Amsterdam! Congratulations to Opitz et al. (Grid Loss: Detecting Occluded Faces).

October 2015

Congratulations to Poier et al. for winning the Best Paper Award at Digital Heritage (DH'15)!

September 2015

We got one paper accepted at ICCV


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