GeoTherm Congress 2019 Offenburg

GeoTherm Congress 2019 Offenburg

The GeoTherm congress dedicated to various forms of geothermal energy production took place in February. Several Austrian research institutions, companies and the IAG/TU Graz represented by Dr. R. Boch participated with expertise on unwanted mineral precipitates (scaling) from thermal waters and related technical solutions.   more...

Interferometric Radar HYDRA-G

Interferometric Radar HYDRA-G

The remote sensing monitoring system HYDRA-G operating at "Zentrum am Berg" (Erzberg, Styria), to detect tunnel blast related displacements with sub-millimetric accuracy.

Guest Lecturer 2019

Guest Lecturer 2019

Two courses were held by Dr. chem. ing. Neven Ukrainczyk, Institute of Construction and Building Materials, Technische Universität Darmstadt.

Mission and Vision

Our Mission

To educate undergraduate and graduate students for academia and industry leadership careers in the environmental mineral-water and engineering geosciences, and to advance the current state-of-knowledge through scholarly dissemination of original research that is relevant to the needs of society.

Our Vision

The Institute of Applied Geosciences shall be a primary European institution for the pursuit and promulgation of knowledge in the fields of environmental mineral-water and engineering geosciences. Our graduates shall assume future leadership roles in professional disciplines involving the earth, its environment, and its resources.

Geotherm Congress 2019 Offenburg  © R. Boch
Interferometric Radar Hydra-G  © C. Zambanini
Guest Lecturer 2019  © N. Ukrainczyk



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