Martin Thonhofer completed his diploma degree, in Organic Chemistry with excellence, at the Graz University of Technology in 2012. Later, he continued working on his PhD-thesis in the same university under the supervision of Prof. Arnold E. Stütz in the Glyco-group and in 2016 he received his doctoral degree in Organic Chemistry with distinction. In 2016, Dr. Thonhofer worked as a post-doc in the group of Prof. Paolo Falcaro, at the Institute of Physical and Theoretical Chemistry (PTC), Graz University of Technology investigating carbohydrates as biomimetic mineralization agents for Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs). Currently Dr. Thonhofer is part of the research group of Prof. Karin Stana Kleinschek at the University Maribor, Slovenia; his task is the synthesis and characterisation of bismuth and antimony containing biomolecules. The major interests of Martin Thonhofer focus on the development, synthesis and characterisation of new monosaccharides for treatment of lysosomal storage and Alzheimer´s diseases. Dr. Thonhofer is author of eleven publications in scientific journals, has contributed to a patent application and has disseminated his research in more than 40 contributions (oral and posters).