Liam is a third-year undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor’s of Science in Chemistry at California State University, Long Beach. At CSU Long Beach under the supervision of Dr. Stephen Mezyk, Liam researches the photochemistry of chloramine disinfectants under Advanced Oxidation Process conditions and the kinetics of the reactions of nuclear waste extraction ligands with aqueous radicals. Having an interest in materials science, he is assisting the Falcaro’s group as part of a National Science Foundation-funded international summer research program facilitated by Syracuse University and TU Graz. At TU Graz, Liam aims to further extend the understanding of Falcaro group’s research into biomimetic mineralization of biomolecules using metal-organic frameworks. He is investigating the MOF biocomposites using a suite of characterization techniques. Liam is from the United States of America and is a summer student at TU Graz.