Iso Marić is an undergraduate student at the University of Science at Novi Sad. Currently, he is in the 8th semester of the Biochemistry program. At the Novi Sad, he worked on testing the effect of Ionic liquids on Bacteria, Fungi and Candida species. Iso has come to the TU Graz via an exchange program through the Summer School of Chemistry. This allows him to broaden his knowledge, gain new work experience, and connect with international people allowing further collaborations. At the TU Graz, he chose to work in the group of Prof. Paolo Falcaro, whose lab focuses mainly on synthesis and characterization of different Metal-Organic Frameworks (MOFs).  During his stay in Graz, Iso will learn to synthesize some Biomolecule@MOFs and characterize them using basic spectroscopy tools. This will benefit Iso not only in increasing his skill set but also due to a fact that such work experience cannot be obtained in his university in Serbia.