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GOECH - Vortrag

Designing New Synthetic Concepts for Imparting Molecular

Complexity with C-1 Sources”

PROF. VITTORIO PACE, University of Vienna, Austria

Datum:  Mittwoch, 11.12.2019
Zeit: 17:15 Uhr
Ort:  HS H, „Ulrich Santner“ NTEG230E, Kopernikusgasse 24, Erdgeschoß

The direct transfer of a reactive nucleophilic CH2X unit into an existing linkage enables the formal introduction of the moiety with the precisely defined degree of functionalization. Upon the fine tuning of the reaction conditions governing the transformation, the initial homologation event can serve as the manifold for triggering unusual rearrangement sequences leading to complex architectures through a unique synthetic operation. The direct – full chemoselective - conversion of a ketone into the homologated all-carbon quaternary aldehyde and, the telescoped homologation of imine-surrogates to quaternary aziridines will illustrate these unprecedented concepts. Additionally, the one-step mono-fluoromethylation of carbon electrophiles with extremely labile fluoromethyllithium reagents will provide a novel entry to valuable fluorinated building-blocks without the needing of using protecting elements for fluoro-containingcarbanions.

Vittorio Pace (born 1981) graduated in Pharmacy in 2005 from the University of Perugia (Italy) and subsequently, received the PhD in Chemical Sciences cum laude from the Complutense University of Madrid in 2010 working with Profs. Alcántara and Sinisterra. After postdoctoral training at Vienna (Prof. Holzer, 2010-2011), Manchester (Prof. Procter, 2011-2013) and Stockholm (Prof. Olofsson, 2013-2014), he obtained a group leader position at the University of Vienna in 2014. Since 2018 he is Professor in Drug Synthesis at the University of Vienna.