ORGC/News und Veranstaltungen/GÖCH Vorträge


Davies, H. M. L., Department of Chemistry, Emory University, USA

Datum: 05. Juli 2018
Zeit: 14:00 Uhr
Ort: HS 10.01, Universität Graz, Heinrichstr. 28

The development of practical methods for site selective C-H functionalization is of intense current interest. This presentation will describe a collaborative approach towards achieving new C-H functionalization strategies and our recent advances in the C-H insertion chemistry of donor/acceptor-substituted carbenoids. A series of chiral dirhodium catalysts have been developed for this chemistry and they are capable of controlling which C-H bond is functionalized.1,2 The application of these new synthetic strategies to the synthesis of natural products and pharmaceutical targets will be described.

Chiral Quaternary Ammonium Salts for Asymmetric Transformations

Prof. Mario Waser, Johannes Kepler Universität Linz

Zeit: 17:15 Uhr
Ort: HS H, "Ulrich Santner", NTEG230E,
Kopernikusgasse 24, Erdgeschoß, Technische Universität Graz, 8010 Graz

“Translating Academic Science into Pharmaceutical Application”

Dr. Peter Nussbaumer, (LDC; Managing Director & Head of Medicinal Chemistry)

Datum: 16.10.2018
Zeit: 17:15 Uhr
Ort: HS H , NTEG230E
Kopernikusgasse 24, EG, Technische Universität Graz, 8010 Graz