Christoph Adametz, Harald Wipfler and Stefan Vorbach Technologieorientierte Gründungen Publikation in PURE anzeigen
Christoph Adametz Knowledge and Technology Transfer in an R&D Intensive Region: Teamwork in Practice Building Bridges: Cities and Regions in a Transnational World 5 Publikation in PURE anzeigen
Vanja Subotic, Christoph Schluckner and Christoph Hochenauer An experimental and numerical study of performance of large planar ESC-SOFCs and experimental investigation of carbon depositions Publikation in TUGRAZonline anzeigen
René Josef Prieler, Bernhard Mayr, Martin Demuth, Burkhardt Holleis and Christoph Hochenauer Prediction of the heating characteristic of billets in a walking hearth type reheating furnace using CFD Publikation in TUGRAZonline anzeigen
Stefan Kleindel, Roland Eder, Herwig Schretter and Christoph Hochenauer Experimental and numerical investigation of shrinkage and warpage of a u-shaped injection molded part Publikation in TUGRAZonline anzeigen
Vanja Subotic, Christoph Schluckner, Hartmuth Schröttner and Christoph Hochenauer Analysis of possibilities for carbon removal from porous anode of solid oxide fuel cells after different failure modes Publikation in TUGRAZonline anzeigen
Daniel Brandl, Thomas Mach and Christoph Hochenauer Analysis of the transient thermal behaviour of a solar honeycomb (SHC) façade element with and without integrated PV cells Publikation in TUGRAZonline anzeigen
Markus Rabensteiner, Gerald Kinger, Martin Koller and Christoph Hochenauer New insights in CO2 post-combustion in Dürnrohr - An important step towards full-scale plants Publikation in TUGRAZonline anzeigen
Alenka Ristic, Simon Furbo, Christoph Moser, Hermann Schranzhofer, Ana Lazaro, Monica Delgado, Conchita Penalosa, Laurent Zalewski, Gonzalo Diarce, Cemil Alkan, Saman Gunasekara, Thomas Haussmann, Stefan Gschwander, Christoph Rathgeber, Henri Schmit, Camila Barreneche, Luiza Cabeza, Gerald Ferrer, Yeliz Konuklu, Halime Paksoy, Holger Rammelberg, Gunter Munz, Thomas Herzog, Jochen Jänchen and Elena Palomo del Barrio IEA SHC Task 42 / ECES Annex 29 WG A1: Engineering and processing of PCMs, TCMs and sorption materials Publikation in TUGRAZonline anzeigen
Stefano Poppi, Chris Bales, Michel Haller and Andreas Heinz Influence of boundary conditions and component size on electricity demand in solar thermal and heat pump combisystems Publikation in TUGRAZonline anzeigen
G. Reichert, Christoph Schmidl, W. Haslinger, M. Schwabl, W. Moser, S. Aigenbauer, M. Wöhler and Christoph Hochenauer Investigation of User Behavior and Assessment of Typical Operation Mode for Different Types of Firewood Room Heating Appliances in Austria Publikation in TUGRAZonline anzeigen
Andres Anca-Couce and Ingwald Obernberger Application of a detailed biomass pyrolysis kinetic scheme to hardwood and softwood torrefaction Publikation in TUGRAZonline anzeigen

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