Em.Univ.-Prof. Dr.phil. Bernhard Schnizer

I am a professor emeritus of Theoretical Physics at the age of 75.  I still give courses and I do research in applied theoretical physics, in particular on applied electrodynamics (signal generation in particle counters and field computations) and  Theoretical Atomic Spectroscopy (Stark Zeeman effect).

Curriculum Vitae


Journal Article
Markus Kraiger, Bernhard Schnizer and Rudolf Stollberger The vertebral trabecular model revisited: magnetic field distribution in the vicinity of osseous disconnections Show publication in PURE
Journal Article
Markus Kraiger and Bernhard Schnizer Potential and Field of a Homogeneous Magnetic Spheroid of Arbitrary Direction in a Homogeneous Magnetic Field in Cartesian Coordinates Show publication in PURE
Journal Article
Stefan Rossegger, Bernhard Schnizer and Werner Riegler Analytical solutions for space charge fields in TPC drift volumes Show publication in PURE
Pierre Schnizer, Ekbert Fischer, H.R. Kiesewetter, Anna Mierau and Bernhard Schnizer Field Measurements on Curved Superconducting Magnets Show publication in PURE
Journal Article
Stefan Rossegger, Bernhard Schnizer and Werner Riegler An analytical approach to space charge distortions for time projection chambers Show publication in PURE
Fischer Ekbert, Pierre Schnizer, Christoph Heil, Anna Mierau, Bernhard Schnizer and Seong Y. Shim Impact of the beam pipe design on the operation parameters of the superconducting magnets for the SIS 100 synchrotron of the FAIR project. Show publication in PURE
Pierre Schnizer, Ekbert Fischer, Helge Kiesewetter, Franz Klos, Thomas Knapp, Thomas Mack, Anna Mierau and Bernhard Schnizer Commissioning of the mole for measuring SIS100 magnets and first test results Show publication in PURE
Ekbert Fischer, Pierre Schnizer, Pawel Akishin, R. Kurnyshov, Anna Mierau, Bernhard Schnizer, Seong Y. Shim and Piotr Sherbakov Superconducting SIS100 prototype magnets design, test results and final design issues Show publication in PURE

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Bernhard Schnizer
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