Completed PhD Theses

2016Auxiliary master equation approach for correlated quantum impurity problems out of equilibriumAntonius DordaEnrico Arrigoni;
Michele Fabrizio
2016Modeling of Plasma Rotation in TokamaksAndreas MartitschMartin Heyn;
Winfried Kernbichler;
Kerchung Shaing
2015Non-local correlations in the Hubbard model and real material calculations   Faruk GelesEnrico Arrigoni;
Markus Aichhorn
2015Electronic Properties and Susceptibilities of Iron-Based SuperconductorsChristoph HeilWolfgang von der Linden;
Lilia Boeri
2015Impact of Energy and Momentum Conservation on Fluid Resonances in the Kinetic Modelling of the Interaction of Resonant Magnetic Perturbations with a Tokamak PlasmaPeter LeitnerMartin Heyn;
Klaus Schöpf
2015Low-dimensional correlated fermions out-of-equilibrium: steady-state Green's function cluster methods and space-time evolutionMartin NussWolfgang von der Linden;
Enrico Arrigoni;
Peter Prelovsek
2014Dynamics of Strongly Correlated One - Dimensional Quantum Systems using Matrix Product StatesMartin Ganahl

Hans Gerd Evertz;
Ulrich Schollwöck