Completed Master Theses

2016 Transport in low dimensional topological open quantum systems Delia Fugger Enrico Arrigoni
2016 Superconducting Properties of Novel High-Pressure Lithium-Sulfur Compounds predicted by Evolutionary Algorithms   Christian Kokail Lilia Boeri
2016 Considerations on orifice plate flow measurement of heavily pulsating flow Benjamin Lang Wolfgang von der Linden
2016 A Comparison of Recently Developed Time-Evolution Algorithms for One-Dimensional Systems with Long-Range Interactions Florian Maislinger Hans Gerd Evertz
2016 First-principles molecular transport calculations Michael Rumetshofer Wolfgang von der Linden;
Lilia Boeri
2016 Sign problem in the Hubbard model using Hubbard-Stratonovich transformations and application to the Hubbard-Holstein model Peter Schlosser Hans Gerd Evertz
2016 Measurement of the exhaust flow of internal combustion engines   Benedikt Tschofenig Wolfgang von der Linden
2015 Stochastic Sampling of Reduced Density Matrices with Quantum Monte Carlo Daniel Bauernfeind Hans Gerd Evertz
2015 A Born-Markov master equation approach to correlated quantum systems in non-equilibrium Gerhard Dorn Wolfgang von der Linden
2015 Nested sampling algorithm for Potts models Manuel Pfeifenberger Wolfgang von der Linden
2015 Wannier charge centers and the calculation of topological invariants: Application to the Kane-Mele-Hubbard model Robert Triebl Enrico Arrigoni;
Markus Aichhorn
2014 Nonlinear Transport in dissipative Tight-Binding Chains Anja Amlacher Wolfgang von der Linden;
Enrico Arrigoni
2014 Application of the Full Configuration Interaction Quantum Monte Carlo algorithm to the two-dimensional fermionic Hubbard model Werner Dobrautz Wolfgang von der Linden
2014 Correlated Electronic Structure of Manganese Pnictides Simon Erker Enrico Arrigoni;
Markus Aichhorn
2014 Calibration of computer simulations using reference measurements of granular flow in a rotating drum Christopher Moswitzer Wolfgang von der Linden
2014 Equilibrium and transport properties of single-layer graphene nanoribbons Jakob Neumayer Wolfgang von der Linden;
Enrico Arrigoni
2014 Quantum Monte Carlo Analysis of the Heisenberg Chain Martin Raifer Hans Gerd Evertz
2014 Implementation of a Quadrature Method Of Moments in OpenFOAM to Study Condensation on Sub-Micron Particles Mario Anton Schriefl Martin Heyn;
Stefan Radl
2014 Theoretical investigations of vibronic effects on the steady state current through a molecular ring structure Max Sorantin Wolfgang von der Linden;
Enrico Arrigoni
2014 Andreev-Reflection in One-Dimensional Quantum Systems David Steffelbauer Hans Gerd Evertz
2014 Bayesian Analysis of Magnetic Resonance Image Reconstruction Michael Treml Wolfgang von der Linden;
Matthias Schlögl;
Rudolf Stollberger
2014 Interaction effects on quantum wires with strong spin-orbit coupling Georg Winkler Hans Gerd Evertz
2014 Real-frequency impurity solver for dynamical mean-field theory based on cluster perturbation theory Manuel Zingl Enrico Arrigoni;
Markus Aichhorn