Team Pammer-Schindler: Working, Learning and Technology

Our group's research is in the intersection of technology-enhanced learning, human-computer interaction and information systems. We investigate socio-technical interventions for learning and knowledge work. This means that we study technology together with the way of using it in different social context, with the goal to create design-relevant knowledge. Across all research activities, we go full cycle: From understanding practice, to designing innovative technology, and evaluating it in design studies, lab studies or field studies.

Team Leader: Viktoria Pammer-Schindler

+43 316 873 30830
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Team members:

  • Sebastian Dennerlein – PostDoc
  • Carla Barreiros – PhD student
  • Michael Fruhwirth – PhD student
  • Kathrin Juhart – PhD student
  • Milan Latinovic – PhD student
  • Behzad Mirzababaei – PhD student
  • Irmtraud Wolfbauer – PhD student