Team Kappe & Foscht: International Business Group (IBG)

Our economy requires nowadays more and more university graduated engineers with a sound knowledge in international business. This applies to engineers working all over the world, but especially in a small country like Austria. Many of our students have some kind of software development background, so the digital products and services they will develop in their professional life will naturally be useful for an international audience. In the international context companies are confronted with all kinds of challenges, for which academic research could provide support and solutions. The general focus of all activities of the group lies on international business activities like e.g. international management, international entrepreneurship, or international sales.

In particular there are two working areas of the international business group:

  - Academic education: It is our mission to provide state of the art contents for our students. Most of our students have an engineering background--therefore we build our economics, business and management education on this foundation and educate our students to future business leaders in an international context. Our education intention is strong practices and solutions oriented. The students could learn how to apply the strategies and measures to find out solutions for different practical situations.

  - Research: In our research we address challenging questions and strive for industry relevant solutions. This approach is based on theoretical established models as well as on innovative concepts with the goal of providing applicable managerial answers. Whereas on the one hand providing applicable solutions is a main goal, we also think on the other output oriented in the sense of presenting our research findings at international conferences and publishing the results in international journals.

Team Leaders:

Frank Kappe

+43 316 873 5602
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Hongying Foscht

+43 316 873 5634
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