Achievements of our Institute



In 1997 a Chronicle of our Institute's history has been asembled.


In fall 2000 moved into the new building at Inffeldgasse 16c. We invite you to visit our Museum of out Unique Computer History to get an impression of the history of computer science, centered around Hermann Maurer's team in the old building at Schießstattgasse 4a.


Some of our achievements:

  • Development of MUPID; from this project 17 companies have arisen
  • Development of COSTOC, one of the first large e-learning systems
  • Exhibition in the Austrian Pavillion at EXPO '92 in Sevilla, EXPO '93 in Taejon (Korea) as well as presenting HOTACT at the Styrian "Landesausstellung" '91
  • 1994 foundation of J.UCS, the first electronic scientific journal that is available as printed archive publications by the end of each year
  • Development of WBT Master
  • AEIOU - the reference work for Austria
  • Development of Hyper-G, 1997 foundation of Hyperwave AG
  • Foundation of the Know-Center
  • Management of large projects in the field of digital libraries (i.e. Brockhaus Multimedial or Brockhaus Enzyklopädie)
  • Numerous PhD Thesis and second doctorates, publications, books, conferences

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In the area of teaching the IICM offers basic courses on programming for students of Telematics and Software Development, plus advanced courses on software technology, information systems, computer networks, databases, user interfaces, social aspects of telematics and some fields of "soft skills".

The IICM participates in several projects with national and international partners. The institute is operating closely with non-university research institutions as well as publishers and international university institutes.

Members of the institute are (co)publishers of more than a dozen scientific publications and participate in numerous program committees of international conferences. The IICM is co-organizer of the annual I-KNOW conference

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Endowment Professorship for future-oriented Media ("Styria Professur")

Since January 2006 Prof Frank Kappe has been the "Styria-Professor for future-oriented Media" at the Graz University of Technology. His research work will mainly focus on New Media like "Social Software" (also Weblogs, Wikis, open Encyclopedia etc.) and "Mobile Contents".


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